About Almat Flying Academy

Almat Flying Academy is a small, friendly organisation. We are a Registered Training Facility of the Civil Aviation Authority. Our close knit team of dedicated flying instructors and examiners work alongside a passionate Operations and Customer Service team. We are committed to supporting our members and helping them achieve. Read out team bios>>.

Profile picture of Glynn Matthews - Operations Director
Glynn Matthews – Operations Manager
Profile picture of Ben Tweed - Operations Manager
Ben Tweed – Operations Trainee
Profile picture of Simon Kalas - Managing Director
Simon Kalas – Managing Director
Profile pic of Ian Gerrard - flight instructor
Ian Gerrard – Flight Instructor
Profile picture of Carmen Gardien - Flight Instructor
Carmen Gardien – Director of Training
Profile picture of Steve MAson, Flight Instructor
Steve Mason – Flight Instructor
Profile picture of Phil Marshall Lee flight instructor and examiner
Phil Marshall Lee – Examiner

The Business

We are a Limited company registered in the UK offering our services to the public and businesses. We operate flying experiences and we are a flying school and club with an in-house team of instructors and examiner.

Our Philosophy

  • We want to make the flying experience as enjoyable as possible
  • It is important to maintain a structured and professional learning environment.
  • We want our enthusiasm for flying to encourage and help our members.

We have a diverse range of aircraft including Cessna 152, 172, Piper PA28 161 and Robin 2160.

CAA Declared Training Organisation

Our Civil Aviation Authority DTO number is GBR.DTO-0073. We can deliver the following courses in-house:

  • LAPL (A)
  • LAPL to PPL (A)
  • PPL (A)
  • Aerobatics Rating (A)
  • Class Ratings (A)
  • Night Rating (A)
  • SEP (Land)

Our Aircraft

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Piper PA28 161 G-BRFM
Cessna 152 G-CINA
Cessna 172 G-BOMS
Robin 2160 G-BLWY

Location & Facilities

We are based at Coventry Airport, which has all the facilities of a large commercial airport but without the congestion. This makes it a great place for anyone wanting to learn to fly, get a pilot licence or just indulge their flying passion. The facilities we have available include:

  • Full Flight Information Service
  • Runway lighting (essential for night flying!!)
  • A 2km asphalt runway which happens to be the flattest in the UK.