About Almat Flying Academy

Meet The Team

A close knit team of dedicated flying instructors, working alongside a passionate Operations and Customer Service team, Almat Flying Academy is a small, friendly organisation. Throughout your flight training ground course training and beyond, our team is committed to supporting you and helping you achieve.

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Profile picture of Glynn Matthews - Operations Director
Glynn Matthews – Operations Manager
Profile picture of Ben Tweed - Operations Manager
Ben Tweed – Operations Trainee
Profile picture of Simon Kalas - Managing Director
Simon Kalas – Managing Director
Profile pic of Ian Gerrard - flight instructor
Ian Gerrard – Flight Instructor
Profile picture of Carmen Gardien - Flight Instructor
Carmen Gardien – Director of Training
Profile picture of Steve MAson, Flight Instructor
Steve Mason – Flight Instructor
Profile picture of Phil Marshall Lee flight instructor and examiner
Phil Marshall Lee – Examiner

Our Aircraft

We have a diverse range of aircraft including Cessna 152, 172, Piper PA28 161 and Robin 2160.

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Cessna 152 G-CINA
Piper PA28 161 G-BRFM
Cessna 152 G-GFID
Cessna 172 G-BOMS

Robin 2160 G-BLWY

The Almat Flying Academy Philosophy

  • We want to make your experience as enjoyable as possible while maintaining a structured and professional learning environment.
  • We want our enthusiasm for flying will encourage and help you during your flight training.

Airfield Facilities

Being based at Coventry Airfield, Almat Flying Academy enjoys all the facilities associated with  large general aviation airports. We have a full Flight Information Service, Runway lighting (essential for night flying!!) and a 2km asphalt runway which happens to be the flattest in the UK. Coventry Airport is unique in that it has all the facilities of a large commercial airport but without the congestion: a great experience for anyone looking to get their licence.

The Company

We are a limited company registered in the UK. We offer our services to other businesses and also direct to the public. The business has three sides. We operate flying experiences. We are a flying school with an in-house team of instructors and examiner. We run in-house ground school training that is open to non members too. And we are also a flying club operating social events for our members to attend.