Ian Gerrard – Flight Instructor

Profile pic of Ian Gerrard - flight instructor

Ian started his flying career at Dundee in 1983, before joining the RAF in flight operations/flight planning/assistant air traffic controller roles. After careers in the RAF and subsequently the police, he returned to flying, obtaining his private pilots licence at Little Gransden Airfield in 2004. Shortly afterwards Ian obtained an FAA licence and flew extensively in the USA for a few years. Whilst he was in the UK he made several enjoyable trips to France. In 2009, he obtained his Commercial Pilots Licence at Cranfield. Shortly afterward came his Instructor rating IMC/IR(R) and Instrument rating. Ian has flown regularly as an instructor since 2009 and has been with Almat since June 2017. He also holds a Multi Engine Piston rating, a Single Engine Turbine rating, Night Rating and an Instrument Instructors rating and is one of our part time instructors.