Meet The Team

Profile picture of Simon Kalas - Managing Director

Simon Kalas

Managing Director

Simon is co-owner of the business and holds a LAPL License. Read his full bio >>

Profile picture of Carmen Gardien - Flight Instructor

Carmen Gardien

Head of Training

Carmen is a flight instructor providing instruction towards LAPL and PPL. Read her full bio >>

Profile picture of Glynn Matthews - Operations Director

Glynn Matthews

Head of Operations

Dr. Rob Simpson

Aeromedical Examiner

Rob is a keen pilot and our onsite Aeromedical Examiner (AME). Read his full bio >>

Profile picture of Steve MAson, Flight Instructor

Steve Mason

Flight Instructor and Theory Examiner

Steve provides instruction towards LAPL, Night Rating, SEP Re-validation and Aerobatics rating. He is also an examiner for the CAA theory exams required for the issue of a PPL, LAPL and IR(R). Read his full bio >>

Profile picture of Phil Marshall Lee flight instructor and examiner

Phil Marshall Lee

Flight Instructor and Examiner

Phil provides instruction towards PPL, LAPL, Night and SEP Re-validations. As an examiner Phil is also able to undertake skills tests for the the PPL(A) and LAPL(A). Read his full bio >>

Ali Ashgar

Flight Instructor

Ali has been a certified flight instructor for Almat Flying Academy for the past 4 years. providing instruction for the PPL (A) and LAPL (A). Read his full bio >>

Profile picture of Ben Tweed - Operations Manager

Ben Tweed

Operations Co-Ordinator

Ben first flew when he was 13 years old at Coventry Airport in a Cessna 152. Read his full bio >>

Profile pic of Ian Gerrard - flight instructor

Ian Gerrard

Flight Instructor

Ian started his flying career at Dundee in 1983, before joining the RAF in flight operations/flight planning/assistant air traffic controller roles. Read his full bio >>

Jerry Marsden

Flight Instructor

Jerry provides instruction towards LAPL, PPL, Night and the IR(R). Read his full bio >>

Neil McKenzie

Flight Instructor

Neil has a wealth of experience and is able to instruct towards PPL (A), LAPL (A) and night rating, he is also able to conduct SEP Re-validations. When not flying jets around the world Neil still continues to enjoy instructing at Almat. Read his full bio >>