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Learn to Fly – Flight Simulator Launch Event / Introduction to 7 day Ground School / BBQ

Saturday 13th April 9:30 am to 8pm – BBQ Afterwards

All welcome – FREE to attend event.

What’s happening on the day?

Simulator Introduction Presentation at 9:30am and 2:00pm.

Intensive Ground School Introduction 11.30am

Simulator Introduction Flights 10am onwards, approx 10 minutes per person including a landing challenge!

Experience Flights Over Warwick Castle – £60 per person – Available all day

Simulator Challenges :

  1. Normal Landing
  2. Engine Fire on Landing
  3. 30 knot Crosswind Landing
  4. Throttle Jam on 3 mile final

Your instructor will choose the challenge at random so you will need to stay alert!

There will be a complimentary one hour simulator hire session for the pilot who scores best in their challenge!

Find out more about what the simulator can do for you:

Introduction to the 7 day Intensive Ground School

We are very proud and excited to announce our new 7 day intensive ground school course.

All nine Subjects in seven days and your first attempt at the CAA exams included in the price!

Join our Head of Training – Carmen Gardien at 11:30am who will host a talk about the new ground school programme and how to join.

Learn more about the intensive ground school here:

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