Content Sharing Policy

We strive to produce unique and useful content for our members and those that follow us online. We are open to sharing it on other platforms but we need to make sure we do not harm our business in the process. If you would like to use our article on your own website for example, please read this policy and contact us to see what we can work out.

All content on this website is copyright and not authorised for any 3rd party use without our permission agreed by email. To be able to repost or embed our article content within another website or blog you will need to setup a canonical link where the content appears – back to the original article on our website. This typically requires a developer but if you use wordpress we may be able to help you. Our content must not be cut and paste into an article format within a social media page such as facebook. Nor should our content be lifted for use in physical copy e.g. in magazines or other publications without our consent by email.