Exclusive 5 Day Theory Ground School Offer


What our customers say…

I attended the navigation and meteorology modules with Almat and learning them here, made understanding of both modules much easier. It allowed me to pass, arguably the hardest modules of the series, first time.

Cain Goodhand

How it works in-house

  • When you buy the course we email you a confirmation and you can attend the course at our Coventry Academy. There are details of how to find us in the About Us section.
  • If taking more than one module or the full course you may prefer to attend some online and some in-house, which is fine by us.

How it works on-line

  • When you buy the course online, we will email you details of how to access the module(s) online if you prefer or are unable to attend.
  • The in-house course is broadcast live to people via our online meeting service. You can watch and interact with your instructor and ask any questions
  • The mock exam can also be taken onlineafterwards, and has with detailed answer explanations.

Entry Requirements

There are no formal entry requirements. However, it is highly recommended that you are thoroughly familiar with the study materials published by Pooley’s that accompany each of the modules you are taking before you join the course. We recommend 30 hours pre-revision for the entire course.

Study Material

We have the study books associated with the modules available for sale >>

What If I Fail The Mock Exam?

We can arrange an additional one to one session to help you through >>

Taking The Final Exams

AS the new CAA exam system requires students to attend a test centre you will need to visit us or another test centre to complete your final exams. Book your exams with us>>

*You have 3 attempts per subject when sitting your exams before you need to take a fourth attempt at the CAA. This is called a series. Should you fail one subject in all four attempts you restart the entire series.