Practical Tests

Passing the practical exams is a pre-requisite of  a LAPL or PPL pilot licence. We have in house flight instructors and examiners that can help you through with training courses or 1-2-1 training tailored for your needs.

  • FRTOL License

    The Flight Radio Telephony Operator's Licence (FRTOL) is part of PPL or LAPL pilot licence training. Allowing pilots to operate a radio in a UK registered aircraft. Our instructors can provide the required training and assessment and we have an in-house examiner for the test.
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  • SEP Skills Tests

    The SEP Skill Test is part of getting a LAPL or PPL Licence or revalidating an expired licence or rating. We provide the training needed and we have an in-house examiner for the finals. The cost will vary from person to person so please ask for details.
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