Aircraft General Knowledge Quiz

In a four-stroke engine a normal "Otto" cycle will open each valve how many times?

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During the 4 stages of the “Otto” cycle the intake valve will open on the induction stroke and the exhaust valve will open on the exhaust stroke. Each open once for 1 complete cycle.

What kind of hydraulic oil is most commonly used in aircraft systems?

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Synthetic oil is commonly used in aircraft systems due to its great lubrication qualities and flame resistance. Skydrol is a common hydraulic oil for aircraft systems.

How is a movement around the longitudinal axis primarily initiated?

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The primary movement about the longitudinal axis is ROLL and its initiated by the ailerons on the wings. As one aileron moves up the other moves down, creating a pressure difference between the wings, so that the aircraft can roll.

The trim wheel or lever in the cockpit is moved forward, what effect does this have?

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Moving the trim tab forward in the cockpit will result in pitching nose down. To trim nose down the trim tab will move up meaning the elevator has to move down to keep the plane in the correct position.

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