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Small water droplets that are super-cooled below 0°C are likely to form which type of icing?

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Small super-cooled droplets will freeze on impact with a cold surface and create rime ice. Bigger super-cooled droplets will create clear ice due to the droplet gradually flowing back over the surface.

In a METAR or TAF 'BKN035' means:

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Clouds in METAR and TAF are always given in height above aerodrome level and in hundred’s of feet. The sky is divided into 8 sectors or oktas: 1 – 2 oktas are few clouds (FEW), 3 – 4 oktas are scattered (SCT), 5 – 7 oktas are broken (BKN), 8 oktas is overcast (OVC).

A fog which can develop over land or sea by both day and night is:

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Advection fog occurs when warm air flows across a relatively colder surface, whilst radiation fog occurs when still warm air gets cooled form below.

The service in which meteorological reports and trends for a number of selected aerodromes are broadcast continuously on a discrete VHF frequencies is called:

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METAR, TAF and ATIS information are specific to an aerodrome, whilst VOLMET includes ATIS information for a number of aerodromes.

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