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What % above stall speed is VR?

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For safety reasons VR is 20% above stall speed, which gives safe margin for error ( VR is usually determined as being 1.2 × VSTALL )

What margin would you add to your take off performance calculations for a dry grass runway with a 2% upslope?

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correct answer is 63% or 1.63 1.33 or 33% recommended additional safety factor for take off, plus 10% or 1.10 for a 2% upslope and 20% or 1.20 for dry grass.

Your engine has stopped at 450ft after take off with no runway remaining, what should your first thought be?

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Always remember to fly the aircraft first. Your first instinct should be to immediately lower the nose to prevent a stall occurring.

You have a fully loaded aircraft with enough fuel to perform your trip and have a reserve, however your mass and balance calculations have shown the aircraft is just beyond the forward CG limit. What should your actions be?

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If the aircraft is outside of the CG envelope you should not take off regardless of the take off weight

Take-off Performance
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