Flying Club

Joining our flying club allows licence holders to private hire aircraft from our fleet. In addition to this of state of the art flight simulator is also available to private. This is an excellent way to perfect your radio work or practice your procedures. Our instructors are available to help you keep your licence current. Why not expand your horizons by adding an additional rating to your licence.

We have events exclusive to flying club members, this ranges from fly-outs to talks and even social nights. Our fly-outs are held throughout the year and involve a variety of location both in the UK and abroad. We are often able to pair student pilots with licenced pilots so that all can enjoy an exciting day out. We are a friendly community of pilots and are always happy to support each other with our goals. Why not take advantage of online training resources and videos to help members further toward earning and maintaining a pilot licence.

We have two tiers of membership for student pilots working towards a pilot licence and a single tier of membership for all licenced pilots. All licenced members get a 10% discount on both aircraft hire and instruction*. In addition licenced members also receive a 10% discount on all flying experiences for themselves and friends or family.


*10% aircraft hire discount is not available on Cessna 152 hire.