Flying Club

Joining our flying club gives you access to hiring from our fleet, or our state of the art flight Simulator for lessons or leisure if you have a pilot licence. We have in house instructors to help members get a pilot licence or add ratings and keep them current. Lots of social activities you can join too.

We have events just for flying club members like weekend or breakfast club fly-outs. Our flyouts are to a variety of locations within the UK and abroad. We also operate other social nights and organise talks and presentations. We are a friendly community of pilots and are always happy to support each other with our goals. When we have flyout events we are usually able to partner student pilots with licensed pilots so they can take part.

We have two tiers of membership for student pilots working towards a pilot licence and a single tier of membership for all licenced pilots. All members get a 10% discount on all  flying experiences for themselves and friends or family.  We also have online training resources and videos to help members further toward earning and maintaining a pilot licence.