Self Fly Hire

Members can hire our planes and flight simulator with or without instruction (licence permitting for planes). Our simulator is State of the art. Offering a realistic experience of several aircraft from almost any UK airfield. Using X-Plane 11 software projected onto a curved screen. The scenery and visuals from the cockpit are photo real.  We can include virtual air traffic services and the controls are weighted and reactive, ensuring the feel and responsiveness is very accurate.

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Aircraft Hire Without Instructor

If you are a pilot with a current valid licence and a member of Almat you can hire one of our aircraft to take out by yourself. We offer private hire at an hourly flying rate for those who wish to go travelling solo or with friends and family. Maybe you just want to go for a quick bite to eat at local airfield.

Hire a Plane and Join Our Events

As a club we also do lots of fly out events of which members are welcome to hire aircraft to attend. This varies from trips abroad to local destinations.

Aircraft Hire Vs Ownership

Aircraft hire is a cheaper alternative to aircraft ownership.  You only need to pay when you fly. The costs incurred by owners for maintenance and storage can be avoided completely.