Simulator Hire

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Members can hire our simulator without instructor. a low cost and convenient way to hone your skills , practise for an upcoming flight or just have some fun. With its Garmin 530 and 430 setup, it is a great instrument trainer too. Huge block booking discount available.


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We offer flight simulator hire without instruction. Night sessions are available too. Therefore you can practice after the airport is closed. Perfect for those who may want to hone their skills. Brush up on your systems knowledge without the pressures associated with flying the real thing. Use it for fun or to practice:

  • your circuits – free of landing fees.
  • your nav routes.  – which might include your cross country qualifier prior to taking it.
  • VOR tracking and intercepts.

Hire Times

We operate 7 days a week and even offer night flights. Consequently our flight simulator hire service is available all year round. Therefore other than a power cut there is no reason you will be unable to fly. Why not give it a go next time your flight is weathered off?

Hire Fees & Information

  • Private simulator hire is charged from ‘off blocks’ to ‘on blocks’.
  • Our flight simulator is is equipped with Garmin 430 and 530.
  • A short ‘check out’ from one of our instructors is required before your session begins. As a result you are able to get the best out of our machine.

Other Flight Simulator Services

We offer simulator hire with instruction for training  and flight simulator experiences as well as our flight simulator hire without instruction.

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