Instrument Rating Restricted – IR(R)

£3,699.00 inc. VAT

Add an Instrument Rating to your PPl licence with us. Gain the ability to fly in more restrictive weather conditions and fly on days you would not be able to without.

The Course:

The IR(R) course comprises of the following training:

  • 15 hours as pilot under training with 10 hours as flying by sole reference to instruments
  • A written test – pass mark 75%
  • Skill test

As part of the flying training you will cover the following, all instruction for this course is dual with an instructor:

  • Flying with sole reference to instruments
  • Flying with certain instruments inoperative
  • Navigating using radio aids
  • Instrument approaches

The instrument approaches will take place at an airfield with and instrument landing system, we use Oxford and Cranfield. In addition to the instrument practise this will give you invaluable experience of flying at very busy commercial airports.

In addition to the practical training the IR(R) course also entails theoretical training which concludes with an exam.

The IR(R) is a great way to improve your general flying, it also adds peace of mind ensuring that you won’t get caught out by bad weather.

Course Entry Requirements:

In order to be eligible for the IR(R) course you need a PPL with 10 hours post licence issue which must include 5 hours in command on cross country flights.


An instrument rating for IMC is valid for 25 months. This rating is a UK only qualification and is therefore only recognised in UK airspace which includes the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

As the LAPL is a VFR only licence the IR(R) cannot be added to this licence. It can only be added to a PPL.


The cost of this course is inclusive of:

  • 15 hours dual instruction in Cessna 172 or PA28
  • First attempt at EASA IR(R) exam
  • 5 hours one to one ground school
  • First attempt at skills test

This course does not include the following costs:

  • Landing fees at Coventry airport
  • Landing fees at alternate aerodromes
  • Exam or skills test retakes
  • Additional one to one ground school