Ground School

One of the key steps to getting your PPL or LAPL licence is passing the CAA theoretical exams. Our ground school is open to non members and offers one to one tuition, 5 day intensive courses covering all 9 modules and online and in-house one to one tuition to help you prepare in a way that suits you. We also conduct the final ground school exams in-house.

Ground School Training Courses – Distance Learning & In-House

Thu 18

Pilot Theory Ground School

June 18 @ 08:00 - June 22 @ 18:00
Sep 17

5 Day Theory Exam Ground School

September 17 @ 08:00 - September 21 @ 18:00

Pass All 9 CAA Pilot Theory Exams In Just 5 Days

There are 9 theory exams to be passed before the practical skills test for either a PPL or LAPL pilot licence. 10% OFF the final exams are included in our 5 day courses. They can also be booked individually as needed.

Our Guarantee – If you do not pass all of your exams in the first series* you get a second 5 day course FREE.

” I attended the navigation and meteorology modules with Almat and learning them here, made understanding of both modules much easier. It allowed me to pass, arguably the hardest modules of the series, first time.

Cain Goodhand “

Ground School FAQ

Why Use Ground School?

The pilot theory exams are designed to provide a theoretical background to practical training. Having the underpinning knowledge is essential to ensure get the most from your flight training. This creates safe and well rounded pilots, capable of  handling an aircraft safely even in stressful situations.

Theoretical training beyond what is required to pass the exams is recommended to build your confidence as a pilot and help you know what to do in any situation.

Question banks are helpful tools and it is no secret that if you practice enough questions you will probably see some that are very close to the actual questions. This may well get you that tick in the box and allow you to pass the exam. The downside to question banks, is that it is easy to recall answers rather than absorb the knowledge. Pilots with thousands of hours of experience recommend studying the theory and will indeed refresh their knowledge from time to time. Sound knowledge is essential should it all not go to plan e.g. due to bad weather.

Is there anything I need to do prior to the 5 day course?

You must have read the subject matter thoroughly to be prepared for the course. We recommend the Pooley’s pilot manuals. But there are no formal entry requirements.

Are there any books or equipment that I will need?

Yes – These are on sale and available at the club and your instructor or a member of staff will assist you in choosing the correct study material.

Where can I sit the written examinations?

At your convenience at our flying club.

How many attempts do I get?

As of June 2020 the exams are going online. You have fours attempts to take the exams ( a series ) after which you will have to resit them all.

How long do I have to take the pilot theory exams?

After you attempt your first exam, you have 18 months to complete them all. If you do not complete them is this period you have to resit them all.

How long after my exams are completed do I have to pass my skills test?

You have two years after completing your written exams to pass your skills test.