Training Packages

Want to get your licence or add a rating to your licence? Our fixed price one to one training packages are a convenient and cost effective way to achieve your ambition. We take care of the structure and provide everything you need to achieve your goal.

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Our training packages offer an easy and convenient method to achieve your licence or add a rating to your existing licence. This offers a considerable time and cost saving compared to gaining your desired qualification using the ‘pay as you go’ method. Courses and upcoming events can be viewed below and booked online. Our packages include the benefits of membership, so non members can take full advantages of our services.

New Pilots Package

Have you been considering your licence but not quite sure? Our new pilots package is a comprehensive taster package. You will experience what is involved in learning to fly as well as thrill and serenity of flying a light aircraft. If after this package you’ve caught the flying ‘bug’, our fast track course is the next logical step.

Fast Track Pilots Licence

Working towards your pilots licence can be a very long journey requiring commitment and careful time management. When work and social life is factored in it is very easy for your licence timescale to start to slip. When learning to fly consistency is key, without this it can take years to finally gain your licence. This is not only frustrating but can be very expensive!

With our fast track pilots licence programme we can take you from no experience to a pilots licence in around 1 – 3 months. It includes everything you need to go from no experience to pilots licence in a manner that is not only cost effective but will potentially make you a better pilot. Our fastest student so far took just three and a half weeks. This is a great option for someone who may want to get their licence ready for a summer of private flying or those looking to move on to a commercial licence.

Additional Ratings

Fancy doing something a little bit different with your pilots licence? Why not get your night rating or aerobatic rating with us? Both of these are fantastic ways of improving your skills and are a sure step to becoming a better pilot. Not quite sure on the requirements of your desired rating? Our packages take care of all that, all required flying and theoretical hours are included at one attractive price.