Aeroplane Flight Simulator

We all want to prepared for any eventuality such as emergencies or transit controlled airspace when necessary. However some contingencies can be difficult or even impossible to practice in the air. Almat flying academy are in a unique position in that we have a sate of the art simulator where you can practice all aspects of flying.

Be prepared for anything by enrolling in one of our virtual flying courses. Where you can master concepts such as dealing with emergencies or communications in the controlled environment of our simulator.

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Our modern flight simulator emulates a Cessna 172 including all required procedures, in addition it is also able to simulate a wide range of malfunctions. This allows you to practice concepts which may be difficult to practice in the air such as communications or dealing with emergencies. The controlled environment not any allows you to hone your skills but is also allows your instructor to pause the simulation if necessary and further explain and salient points. This approach allows you to gain the maximum benefit from your training.

Virtual Communications

Talking on the radio is often very stressful for both students and experienced pilots alike. Discover the basics of in-flight communication or increase your confidence. This one-to-one course includes aerodrome, en-route and emergency phraseology for all situations. Perform real life role-play in our state-of-the-art simulator. This course is suitable for students and licence holders.

Virtual Controlled Airspace

Flying in controlled airspace can be extremely intimidating, especially when it gets busy with other traffic! This course will teach you all about controlled airspace, how to negotiate it but most importantly how to communicate efficiently and effectively with a radar or procedural air traffic controller who is also juggling commercial traffic. Flying through controlled can be the quickest way from A to B, improve your chances of getting a clearance by sounding confident and professional.

Virtual Emergencies

Whether it’s your first time practicing emergency procedures or you’re looking for a refresher this is the course for you. With one of our simulator instructors you’ll cover a set of scenarios from trim tab runaways to bird strikes. Your instructor will teach you how to manage your cockpit resources when it doesn’t quite go to plan. The common issue with emergencies is becoming so engrossed in dealing with the emergency they neglect to fly the aircraft. You will learn to effectively mange the situation and stay in positive control of the aircraft at all times not matter what happens.