Goodbye to D-Day C-47 “That’s All Brother”

Here at Almat Flying Academy we are very lucky to have a home which often hosts a variety of interesting and historical aircraft. One such aircraft was Douglas C-47 “That’s all brother” which is the aircraft that led the main airborne invasion over Normandy 75 years ago. This aircraft has been in the UK for a number of weeks participating in the D-Day 75th anniversary events. Just before it’s long trip back home to the US the aircraft visited Coventry for a few days where the team at Almat Flying Academy were lucky enough to be shown around this very historic aircraft. We were interested to see that despite the aircraft being built in 1944 it has been fitted with all the mod cons including a Garmin 750. This allows it to safely navigate today’s airspace which is decidedly more complex than back in 1944!

Shortly afterwards the aircraft majestically lifted in to the air on the first leg of its long journey back to America, stopping first at Prestwick and then Reykjavik. We at Almat Flying Academy are indeed privileged to be able to share our home with such distinguished based and visiting aircraft.