The CAA’s New Online Theory Exam System

The Civil Aviation Authority pilot theory exams are changing to a new electronic system. If you are looking to get your theory exams done, now is a good time. If you take them prior to the new system, you will save yourself at least £90 in exam fees, more so if you fail exams. Here is an article on all you need to know….

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The exams are currently in paper format, varying from 12 – 20 questions per subject, with multi choice answers. As there were only ever three papers issued to examiners and had not be reviewed since 2014, there was a fairly high chance of passing the exams with the assistance of ground instruction and revision tools such as PPL Tutor.

Abolishment of the six sitting rule

As of November 2019, the six sitting rule was abolished. For those who are unfamiliar, the exams used to be taken in six, ten day sittings. In the one sitting you could take as many exams as you liked, but were unable to resit a failed exam In the same sitting. For many this way a daunting task, as this added pressure to complete multiple exams in one sitting to make the process achievable.

New Electronic System

As from June 2020, the paper exams will be replaced by an online test. These will be in the same format as before with 12 – 20 multiple choice questions, however these will be randomly generated from a bank of 1000 questions, rather than the fixed papers in current existence. You will need to register with the CAA for the online access, however the tests can only be booked and taken with a ground examiner as before.

*There will be four attempts allowed per exam, all completed with a ground examiner at your flight school. Once completed you will receive immediate notification of pass or fail. If you fail, you can resit on the same day , however we wouldn’t recommend you did so without, further revision. After four unsuccessful attempts, you will restart all of the exams again.

How long do I have to take the exams?

You have 18 months to complete all of the written theory exams, starting from the date the first attempt was taken. After you successfully complete your last written theory exam, you have two years to take your skills test.

How much do they cost?

Currently the written exam fee is £25 exam, per attempt. Rising to £35 per attempt with the new electronic system.