Pricing review for 2020

We reviewed our prices late on last year and made several changes to the pricing structure through the “Student Membership” and “Platinum Student Membership” for 2019, to ensure you get the best value for money. Early on in 2019 we reduced the costs of flying for licensed members by offering the “Licensed Pilot Membership”.

Why we need an annual pricing review

The costs of leasing aircraft vary year in year out and are set to rise, with the cost of maintaining an ageing fleet of aircraft and the residual values of these aircraft rocketing, through lack of availability, leasing costs are only likely to increase to us.

We also need to retain staff . With flying instructors few and far between, with high paying commercial schools proving to be attractive to instructors, its imperative we look after the good team of instructors we have financially.

What’s Changing?

  • We have reduced the rental costs on the 4 seater aircraft for 2020.
  • We have made a small increase to the instruction fees to accommodate a long overdue increase in instructor hourly pay. This hasn’t been increased in around 5 years. This is not a profit making exercise, but cost absorption to ensure we can retain the current group of instructors we all know and love.
  • The rental costs for C152 have increased to us, so a small increase in hourly rate has been introduced here. To members who currently have platinum student membership on the C152 will be allowed to continue using the membership and rates, however new students on C152 will only be offered standard rates.

FREE Landing In January

As a thank you to all of our current members, we are giving you one FREE landing in January. To claim this please give our operations team the code “FREE-LAND-JAN” on you first flight in January.

Simon Kalas

By Simon Kalas

Simon is the General Manager and aside from keeping an eye on all aspects of the school he writes articles and other posts for our blog and social media.