Solo flight during COVID-19

There has been a recent move by the DFT to allow solo flight within England, providing that social distancing measures are adhered to. I have had several requests from licensed members to hire aircraft of which regrettably I have had to deny for the following reasons:

The airport is currently closed, until further notice. The only flights that have been permitted are under taken by aircraft owners or staff for engine health or maintenance flights. These are conducted on indemnity by the approval of the airport directors.

Due to the long period of flying inactivity, the vast majority of our licensed pilots will also be out of currency, in accordance with our operations manual. This would mean many pilots would require a currency check flight with an instructor, of which would not be possible either for social distancing reasons. When we re-open, providing that you are a paying member, you can use your 2 hours free instruction that comes with the licensed pilot membership for a currency flight.

Our Staff are also furloughed as we are unable to operate. It would not be practical or financially viable to un-furlough staff and open up, for the small number of pilots that would be willing to fly and are still current.

Our current re-opening plan very much depends of the social distancing measures being lifted or relaxed further. I will keep every one up to date with the latest information about our re-open as It happens and will certainly be looking to help everyone get flying again as soon as it is safe to do so. I do very much understand your frustrations and we are equally frustrated, however our prime concern has to be to protect the members and staff from infection of the virus.

Hope to see you all safe and well soon.

Stay safe

Kind Regards,


By Simon Kalas

Simon is the General Manager and aside from keeping an eye on all aspects of the school he writes articles and other posts for our blog and social media.