Pilot Licences

We offer a fast track licence training package and our flight school provides courses and one to one training for all aspects of  LAPL (A) and PPL (A) pilot licences. You can also earn additional licence ratings with us and renewed or revalidate licenses and ratings.

How to Get a Pilot License

Summary of Pre-Requisites

  • Passed the medical requirements.
  • Passed all 9 Theoretical Knowledge examinations.
  • Passed the Radio Telephony Practical examinations.
  • Have flown the minimum number of hours for your licence type
  • Have flown a Qualifying Cross Country flight
  • Passed the Flying Skills Test

Passing the Theoretical Exams

Passing the theoretical Exams is pre-requisite for both the PPL and LAPL licences. We offer the exams here at almat. Our theory school offers 1-2-1 training to help prepare you for them. We also run training courses throughout the year. Open to non-members.

Getting the Practical Experience

Flying lessons provide the hours of flight experience needed to be eligible for a pilot licence skills test. Non-members can take one of our range of trial lessons or pilot experience days. To take regular flying lessons with us you will need to become a member and get access to all the benefits of membership.

Meeting The Medical Requirements

A current medical certificate will be needed to apply for your licence. Your pilot licence does not expire but is not valid without a current medical certificate which must be periodically renewed. Depending on your licence type you will need:.

Passing The Skills Tests & Keeping Your SEP Licence / Rating Current

To hold a valid pilot licence you also need a FRTOL licence which is  applied for at the same time as your pilot licence. To make the application you need to have passed the communications theory test and a RTF Communications Test.

The SEP Skills test is the final step to applying for your pilot licence. You are eligible to take one once you have completed the minimum number of hours and have reached a required standard. This will enable you to apply for one of the following which must then be periodically renewed to keep your pilot licence valid. Or revalidated if lapsed.

Making a Pilot Licence Application.

There a fee payable to the to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) for the licence.

Pilot License FAQ

How Long Does it Take?

There is no specific time period to obtain your licence, it largely depends on how often you fly. It is possible to obtain a licence within weeks, many people take years. It has been our experience that on average most student pilots take approximately 12 months. Most people can reach the necessary level of proficiency with 45 to 60 hours. Training full time over four to six weeks (weather permitting) you would probably need less flying hours than if you spread training over a longer period.

If you can devote two mornings or afternoons each week (with a lesson each day) for flying with some studying in between you could gain your licence within three or four months. If you can only spare one day a week you could take as long as nine or ten months. However this more relaxed pace does allow plenty of time for study for the Theoretical Knowledge examinations. We have had a fast track pilot licence student pass in under a month. It is good to maintain consistency. We appreciate that work commitments etc.  can intervene, but this may require some refresher training that inevitably adds to the hours required.

The Cost of a Pilot Licence

A realistic budget from start to finish for Pilot’s Licence is around £9000. A large part of the cost will be getting the practical experience.

Equipment and other costs

  • The club has a selection of headsets for use by students that can be rented for £5 a Day
  • You will need to initially allow £25-35 for the purchase of a logbook to record flights plus an aeronautical map of Southern England.
  • For navigation a CRP-1 computer (a navigation slide rule used for flight planning calculations) and plotting ruler and pencils are around £45-50.

Can I use my Pilot Licence Abroad?

Yes if you have the EASA PPL or LAPL. We have many trips to France, the channel islands, Ireland and many more. You can use the EASA PPL even in America once you have applied for the FAA licence. This is usually a paper exercise an air law exam and a short flight test.

How do I Keep My Pilot Licence Valid?

Your medical has to be valid and this is renewed either every 5 years for the younger members or every 6 months for those of a more mature age. Also you have to have completed a flight with an instructor of an hours duration, 12 hours in the previous 12 months or a flight test with an examiner.

Can I Fly at Night?

A. Once you have obtained a night qualification which is 5 hours flight with an instructor at night you can fly during the hours of darkness.

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