Licence Ratings

Our additional pilot licence ratings training courses are one to one, suitable for PPL or LAPL pilot licences and open to members only.

  • Pilot Training | Aerobatics Training Additional Pilot License Rating product categpry thumb

    Aerobatics Rating

    £1,450.00 inc. VAT
    Get your Aerobatics Rating with us with this fixed price training course that gets you from preparation to examination. Lessons etc. can be booked as needed on days that suit you subject to availability.
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  • Night landing - Night Flying Qualification / Additional Pilot Licence Rating product thumbnail 1

    Night Flying Rating

    £1,036.00 inc. VAT
    Take to the night skies and enjoy a different flying experience. Our night flying training will lead to you being able to add an additional rating for your PPL or LAPL pilot licence that allows you to fly at night. Start your night flying adventure with Almat.
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    Instrument Rating (IR)

    An Instrument Rating (IR)  allows the holder to fly under Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC) - meaning low visibility. An invaluable addition to your licence for UK weather conditions.
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  • Tail Wheel Rating

    £200 per hour inc. VAT
    Learn how to fly a tail wheel aircraft in our lovely Cessna 152 tailwheel trainer. Tailwheel training is a great way to expand on your ppl license and gain further experience. Training towards your rating is instructed.
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These ratings are optional post-qualification additions to your pilot licence. Having additional ratings is not necessary but gives you more options to enjoy flying or work towards a career in aviation.

Quick summary of additional pilot licence ratings

Night Flying Rating – allows you to fly during the official hours of night which are between 30 minutes after sunset and 30 minutes before sunrise.

Tail Wheel Rating – allows you to fly light aircraft fitted with a tail wheel.

Aerobatics Rating – consists of three levels of training that permit increasingly complex maneuvers such as barrel rolls and loop the loop.

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