Flying Club

Join our flying club to access our full range of training services, social events, self-fly hire of our aircraft (subject to appropriate licensing) and use of our state of the art aeroplane flight simulator.

Our instructors are available to help you get a licence or keep your existing licence current. Furthermore we can help you acheive additional license ratings, such as night flying.

The Flying Club For Helicopters and Aeroplanes

We have helicopters and aeroplanes in our fleet. So you can choose to fly either or both. Some of the licensing aspects for aeroplanes and helicopters such as FRTOL and some of the ground / theory exams are exctly the same. So if you have progressed beyond those learning one type of aircraft you have a head start in getting a license for the other.

Flying Club Social Events

In addition to our public events, we have a range of social events just for flying club members including fly-outs to other airports. Also, members get priority on places for our public events. These are held regularly throughout the year and involve a variety of locations both in the UK and abroad. We typically run at least one flight a year to an overseas destination.

We can usually pair student pilots that want to come and fly with licenced pilots so that all can enjoy an exciting day out. We are a friendly community of pilots and are always happy to support each other with our goals.

Flying Club Membership Benefits

We have two tiers of membership for student pilots working towards a pilot licence and a single tier of membership for all licenced pilots. All licenced members get a 10% discount on both aircraft hire and instruction (check the join us page for full details). In addition licenced members also receive a 10% discount on all flying experiences for themselves and friends or family.

Our Flying Club Reviews

I completed the aerobatics course at Almat, great fun!big thanks to Steve for his expert tuition.Almat is a professional and very friendly club to be a member of🛩️
Lester Beeson
Lester B.
11:14 12 Oct 20
Thank you Carmen for helping me keep my skill set current after I completed my Companion Pilots Certificate with Almat. To all the staff at Almat, keep up the good work, this is a great friendly and professional club to be a member of.
Sandra Beeson
Sandra B.
11:08 12 Oct 20
I've completed my PPL with Almat a while ago, then life got in the way and my SEP rating lapsed. What I actually miss the most is everyone from the flying club. I think it's time to renew my membership and I am actually looking forward to flying with Carmen Gardien again! She's the best motivator and we all know how much that is needed to advance in aviation.
Kulik Árpi
Kulik Á.
10:58 11 Oct 20
I recently re-qualified for my PPL with Almat. Steve Mason was my instructor. I found him and the team to be completely professional, encouraging and supportive throughout the whole process. The club is friendly with lots of regular activities taking place that you can be involved in as much or as little as you want to. I did a ‘fly-over’ for charity a few weeks ago and Steve was so keen to support in any way possible, especially given that the manoeuvres were unusual. I particularly like the direction the club is going in recently. For example, more social seating for visitors, positioned overlooking the apron to help enhance the experience for both new ‘flyers’ and experienced ones. It certainly adds an even better wow factor for my passengers! 🙂
Christopher Bishop
Christopher B.
06:17 26 Aug 19
I started my PPL last year with Carmen Guardien at Almat and it has been brilliant . Learning to fly has been great fun and I’ve loved every second due to the amazing club feel and fleet that they offer. Definitely recommend!
Alex Miles
Alex M.
11:09 13 Aug 19
Really pleased with the direction Almat is going following the recent changes, they have focused on responding positively to feedback from club members and other customers. Great team of instructors making training fun while keeping it safe and professional. Benefits for club members are great, I have kept my membership here despite moving away from the area, can't beat the service provided for the price. Recently completed my Aerobatic training which was a fantastic experience, highly recommended!!
Chris Weaver
Chris W.
08:07 12 Aug 19