Hours Building

Once you have your licence it is the time to put it to use. To help you do this we offer discounted blocks of 10 hours of aircraft hire*. This can be especially useful if you intend to go commercial. In order to reach the 175 hour requirement needed in order to begin a CPL (A) course or the 155 for CPL (H). Within the price we also provide a ‘structured hour building’ program where we suggest destinations and mentor you through your hour building journey. The below aircraft are available for block booking and the hire cost is for a  wet, fully insured, ready to go aircraft.

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To take advantage of this you will need to be a member (join here).  Giving you access to all of our fleet and resources. What’s more if you are a member for 3 months or longer you can benefit from 2 hours FREE instruction per year.

*the discounted rate is not available on all aircraft.