Helicopter Lessons and Courses

Our helicopter school based at Coventry Airport offers helicopter Trial lessons (a valid first lesson towards your pilots license. These are great for budding pilots or ideal gifts for the adventurous for anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas or other special events. Check out our services or find more information about our helicopter pilot training below.

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All of our Helicopter services are flown on either the Robinson R22 or Robinson R44 Helicopter. Our Trial lessons come with lots of different options depending upon your requirements, as well as the purchaser specified length of lesson, we offer fixed and bespoke dates for your to book, the bespoke dates do attract a premium as our cost are more for individual lesson rather than the fixed day events which we host multiple recipients and therefore can spread the fixed costs across the vouchers that are redeemed.

We also offer merchandise and memory photography or video as an option for your flight, which are lovely ways to further enhance your gift for your loved one or friends as it will be a wonderful reminder of a fantasti flight experience – please ask for details at your time of booking.

Finally, our policy of pricing transparency means you pay the price you see and not be hit with hidden extras so you know that you will get a first rate, honestly priced, safety driven flying experience that your loved one will love!

In addition to supplying our own Trial Lesson and Flight Experience Vouchers, we also are third party fulfilment partners for some of the most recognised experience event companies in the United kingdom, so if you have one of their vouchers you can specify our venue in the booking process and get the same first rate customer experience we guarantee for all of our customers.

Learn to Fly a Helicopter

Looking to learn to fly a Helicopter? We provide helicopter flying lessons, training flights, PPL training, LAPL Training, Type ratings, Proficiency check rides and gift / experience flights.

We Train to fly Helicopters on the popular Robinson R22 & R44 models and fly from Coventry airfield on the West Midlands and Warwickshire border.

Advanced Helicopter Lessons

Additionally we  offer advanced helicopter flying lesson days for pilots who would like to improve their skills.

Instruction in Privately Owned Helicopters

We offer flight instruction in privately owned personal Helicopters, for either the RobinsonR22 or R44. The aircraft will need to be insured and our instructor’s name is to appear on the Policy as a named pilot – Other conditions apply.

Already have a PPL (A) Or LAPL (A)?

Did you know that you can get a 10% reduction in your hours for helicopter and do not need to resit all of the exams, just the helicopter specific subjects:

Principles of flight, Flight Performance And Planning, Aircraft General Knowledge and Operational Procedures.

Helicopter Pilot Training – Frequently Asked Questions

How Safe is helicopter Flying?

There is always an element of risk associated with many forms leisure activity, helicopter aviation is no exception to this. However, that said there are strict maintenance and training programs for the aircraft and the pilots.

How old is too old to learn to fly helicopters?

We suggest students start to fly for a licence from 14, as you can not get a licence issued until 17. There is no upper age limit, but medical fitness is the determining factor. We allow trial lesson pilots from the age of 12.

What are the medical requirements before I start?

No medical is required to start to fly helicopters, however, at least a class 2 medical is required prior to going solo for pursuing a licence. You should arrange to see an AME sooner rather than later, as we don’t want you to complete an expensive training course only to find you are unable to be issued with a medical certificate. It is prudent to find this out before investing your time and hard earned cash in training.