Aeroplane Landing Challenge

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Could you be the passenger that landed the plane if you had to like in the movies? With the assistance of one of our expert flying instructors, we guide you through an emergency landing in a real aircraft.


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  • Learn the basic flight controls and operation
  • Get 30 minutes instruction on the landing technique in the simulator
  • Fly the circuit pattern at Coventry in the real aircraft
  • Attempt your first landing in a real aircraft

Introduction talk – we talk you through the basic controls of the aircraft and their effects

Simulator Lesson – We will familiarise you with the controls and effects of controls in our state of the art flight simulator. You will then shoot several approaches to the airfield under the guidance of one of our simulator instructors. We will be concentrating only on the approach and landing so that we can hone in on the skills required for this critical phase of flight. The simulator session lasts around 30 minutes

Now the scary bit…..  Land the real aircraft yourself 

Once completed the simulator session, your instructor will take you up in one of our real training aircraft, flying a rectangular pattern around Coventry’s runway, called the circuit. You will have time at the controls during the flight and providing that your instructor is confident in your abilities, you shall be permitted with assistance from your instructor to attempt a landing. At any point during the landing phase the instructor is concerned, they will take control from you, so don’t be worried. So are you up to the challenge?

Disclaimer – this is is for entertainment only. Please do not attempt to land aircraft unless qualified!

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