Flying Lessons

From £80.00 inc. VAT

Experience the joy of flight and turn your dream into reality.  We have a diverse fleet of aircraft and a state of the art simulator. Our dedicated team of full time instructors ensure you receive the highest standard of training. Start your training with us today.


Our flying lessons take place seven days a week from 09:00 to 18:00 (16:00 during winter). Each lesson has a two hour slot to allow for a pre-flight briefing and preparation, an hour flying, and time to de-brief the lesson and discuss any points or queries that may have arisen. The debrief will enable you to gain maximum benefit from your time in the air – you can frequently learn as much from your mistakes as you can from getting it right first time! Navigation flights may require the booking of double slots, but students should not plan to fly more than two lessons per day. It is advisable to set aside a morning or an afternoon for a two hour lesson.

Flying Lessons with Almat Flying Academy

Members are able to hire our aircraft for flying lessons. Including  the following aircraft: