Flight Simulator Hire

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Our state of the art flight simulator is available for members to hire for solo flight for leisure or with an instructor for training, free of weather interruptions. Equipped with Garmin GNS 430w and GNS 530w its also a very capable instrument trainer.


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Our simulator emulates a Cessna 172, PA28 and various others, including all required procedures. Additionally it simulates a wide range of malfunctions. Offering a realistic experience of several aircraft from almost any UK airfield. Using X-Plane 11 software projected onto a curved screen.  We can include virtual air traffic services via an internal intercom system and the controls are weighted and reactive, ensuring the feel and responsiveness are accurate.

This allows you to practice concepts which may be difficult to practice in the air such as communications or dealing with emergencies. The controlled environment not any allows you to hone your skills but is also allows your instructor to pause the simulation if necessary and further explain and salient points. This approach allows you to gain the maximum benefit from your training.

Hire For Training

Equipped with Garmin 430w and 530w GPS this flight simulator is great for learning those devices. Also for instrument training and VOR appreciation. You can hire it with an instructor to make sure you get the most out of your flight time. Whats more you are able to sync your Skydemon device to the simulator for additional in flight support.

Simulator Training – Cost Effective All Year Round

We operate 7 days a week and even offer night flights, so other than a power cut there is no reason you will be unable to fly.  This means you will have less breaks in your training due to not being able to fly and hence accelerate your training more quickly. Not only is weather no issue to our simulator it is also a great way of saving money during your flight training. Although you cannot log the hours of instruction, you can gain further experience at more than a 50% saving on the cost of flying the real thing. Consequently you can reduce your training costs and pass with less hours gained and still gain the experience. Circuits are another advantage as you can save huge amounts of money in landing fees.

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