Pilot Licence

Become a pilot and get your private pilot licence with Almat Flying Academy. We operate training for the LAPL or PPL pilot licence. Our flying lessons and ground school training and Intensive Ground School prepare you for the exams.

For licenced pilots we can offer additional ratings to add to your pilot licence. Including night qualification and aerobatic training. Read on to find out how the two licence types licences compare and find a lot of information that will help you decide. Or view more about our services.

Your Private Pilot Licence  – Which One?

Many people that want to become a pilot think the LAPL is inferior to the the PPL. In reality this couldn’t be further from the truth. The holder of a LAPL is able to exercise many of the privileges of the PPL. The question of which is more suited to the pilot is really what sort of flying the holder wants to do.

It is very important to stress that you must be absolutely clear before pursuing either licence which one suits best. Hours for a LAPL CANNOT be used towards a PPL. So if you start training towards a LAPL  and decide after 20 hours that you want the PPL these 20 hours don’t count. Potentially a very expensive mistake.

PPL and LAPL Pilots Licence Comparison

Medical can be certified by GP
Can be the basis for a CPL
Can be used in the EU
Can be used in non-EU states
Can add night rating
Can add aerobatic rating
Can add other ratings
Can fly more than 3 passengers at a time
Can be revalidated on a 12 month rolling basis

PPL  Pilot Licence Privileges

  • Act as pilot in command on any single engine piston aircraft for non-commercial operations (subject to differences training).
  • Fly passengers (Subject to currency requirements).
  • Fly anywhere in Europe and outside of Europe (State Dependant).
  • Add additional ratings such as Instrument, Aerobatics, Multi Engine and Instructor.

LAPL Pilot Licence Privileges

  • To act as pilot in command on single engine piston aircraft with a maximum take off weight of 2000kg.
  • Fly up to 3 passengers at a time (after completing 10 hours of flight after issue of licence).
  • Able to fly anywhere in EU Member states
  • Ability to add Night and Aerobatic rating to the licence.

LAPL – Ideal for Recreational Pilots

The LAPL is really designed for the recreational pilot who has no intention of flying commercially. The LAPL does not allow the addition of ratings such as the instrument rating or multi engine and it cannot be used as the basis for a CPL. However this been said the night rating and aerobatic rating can be added to a LAPL so the holder can still fly at night and perform aerobatics with the appropriate training.

The LAPL requires only 30 hours as a minimum as opposed to the 45 hours of the PPL and is much easier to maintain. PPL requires 12 hours to be flown in the 12 months preceding the expiry of the single engine rating that allows you to fly light aircraft. The LAPL on the other hand is a single engine only licence.  This makes things much simpler in terms of revalidation. As long as the holder has flown 12 hours in a 12 month rolling period, the licence remains valid.

Comparing the Medical Requirements of Becoming a Pilot

The LAPL has lower medical requirements than the PPL. A PPL requires at least a class 2 medical which must be issued by a specialist aero medical examiner. These can be very expensive and also require a reasonably high standard of medical fitness. A LAPL only requires a LAPL medical. This is roughly equivalent to DVLA class 2 standards and is therefore much easier to acquire. A LAPL medical can also be issued by a GP in certain circumstances which means it can be much cheaper to obtain.

If all the holder wants to do is fly for pleasure and take friends out flying with  no higher desires a LAPL is recommended. It is easier to maintain. Furthermore, it is easier and cheaper to obtain in the first place. The PPL is ideal if you think that you may want to take your flying further.

Pilot Licence Pre-Requisites

Many people do not realise that you can become a pilot from the age of sixteen, but if the other pre-requisites are met that is within the law.

PPL Pre-Requisites

  • The minimum age to hold a licence is 17, students can fly solo at 16 and can log hours from 14.
  • Class Two medical certificate, this requires a good level of health and the examination must be carried out by a specialist Aeromedical Examiner. This certificate must be renewed at regular intervals dependant on age.
  • Be able and willing to commit to a certain amount of self study at home in addition to flying lessons and ground school.

LAPL Pre-Requisites

  • The minimum age to hold a licence is 17, students can fly solo at 16.
  • LAPL Medical Certificate, this can be completed by an Aeromedical Examiner (AME) or your GP if they are willing.
  • Be able and willing to commit to a certain amount of self study at home in addition to flying lessons and ground school.

Pilot Licence – Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to get my Pilots Licence?

There is no specific time period to obtain your licence, it largely depends on how often you fly. It is possible to obtain a licence within weeks, many people take years. It has been our experience that on average most student pilots take approximately 12 months but ultimately the choice is yours.

Do I need a medical exam, if so, can my own GP do this? Is it difficult to pass a medical test?

When flying with an instructor you do not need to have a valid medical certificate, however to fly solo and to obtain your licence you will need one. The type or class of medical required depends on the licence you aim to achieve. For the EASA Private Pilots Licence only authorised CAA authorised medical examiners (AME) may issue the certificate. We have our own AME on site who is able to issue both initial medicals and renewals. Please contact the office for details.

I wear Glasses is this a problem?

The medicals are not difficult but if you have any concerns we suggest that you give us a ring so that it can be discussed in private. The wearing of glasses /contact lenses is not a problem. Under most circumstances the correction of vision by wearing spectacles/lenses falls within the limitations required by the medical standards. Limitations on your licence may be imposed but these usually mean the carrying of a spare pair of spectacles.

Can I use my Pilot Licence Abroad?

Yes if you have the EASA PPL or LAPL. We have many trips to France, the channel islands, Ireland and many more. You can use the EASA PPL even in America once you have applied for the FAA licence. This is usually a paper exercise an air law exam and a short flight test.

How Many Exams Are There –  Can I get Help?

There are nine written exams, all multi choice. Our instructors will do all they can to assist you to pass the exams. We have set classes on each subject or the instructors will help you study with one on one assistance at times to suit you.

How do I Keep My Pilot Licence Valid?

Your medical has to be valid and this is renewed either every 5 years for the younger members or every 6 months for those of a more mature age. Also you have to have completed a flight with an instructor of an hours duration, 12 hours in the previous 12 months or a flight test with an examiner.

Can I Fly at Night?

A. Once you have obtained a night qualification which is 5 hours flight with an instructor at night you can fly during the hours of darkness.

Is there an Age Limit on a Private Pilot Licence?

Fourteen is the earliest you can start. There is no upper limit. So long as you are fit and pass the medical you can keep flying.

How is a Pilot Licence Useful to Me?

For some it a for recreation only and they treat it as a hobby. You can fly almost anywhere you want, within reason and conforming to airspace limitations. We as a club have many organised trips both abroad and locally and all are welcome. For others it is the start of a commercial licence and can lead to flying jets with hundreds of passengers.

Q. Do I have to become a member of Almat Flying Academy?

A. Yes – after your first introductory lesson further lessons require membership.

Do I need any special educations qualifications to Fly a Plane


How long does it take before I can fly solo?

It varies, but between 10 and 20 hours of instruction is not unusual.

Are there any books or equipment that I will need?

Yes – These are on sale and available at the club and your instructor or a member of staff will assist you in choosing the correct study material.

Where can I sit the written examinations?

At your convenience at our flying club.

Do I Need Any Special Clothing or Equipment?

No – headsets are provided and the aircraft have heating and ventilation.

Will I Pay a set price for every lesson?

No – you only pay for the flying time (brakes off to brakes on).

Will I have to pay any monies in advance?

No – you only pay for the flying time (brakes off to brakes on).