Ground School

Our Ground School Training and Intensive Ground School are open to non-members. We provide one to one, group and distance learning ground school training to assist you in passing the 9 theoretical examinations, that form part of your pilot licence training. Read on to view more about our services or get more information.

Intensive Ground School Training Available

Our Intensive Ground School is a group based 7 day intensive course designed to pass all of your exams in one week. This does require you to do at least 30 hours of pre revision with material provided and complete a pre entry test prior to attending. The course is also a opportunity to meet fellow students and gain experience from them and share your experiences.

The purpose of Ground School is to pass the specific paper and to provide the depth of knowledge needed for a pilot to operate in a safe and efficient manner and to maximise the enjoyment of the flying. Our training can count towards both the LAPL and PPL pilots licence.


Matt Lewis

After his RT Practical Exam with Mr Andy Moon (RT Examiner) sent the following message. “The ground school was really helpful as Andy made it clear what standards he requires for passing the practical. The ground school pretty much covered what we had in your classes. After that you do a debrief before being given the result. I passed which was nice, even though I felt I made a few silly mistakes. Thanks for all your help Richard, the course really helped and has definitely boosted my confidence in the air.”

Paul Whyley

Paul has attended Radio Telephony, Aircraft General, and Navigation course. “I do find the classes much better than studying on one’s own, in fact I am convinced that if these classes had been available earlier I might be further forward with my flying.”

Ed Powell

Ed has attended Radio Telephony, Air Law, Aircraft General, and Navigation course. “I have found the 3 course I have done so far well delivered and structured. They have helped immensely in working towards my PPL.”