Cessna 152 G-GFID

From £80.00 inc. VAT

To hire this plane to fly solo or as part of a lesson (except a trial lesson) you will need to be a member of our Flying Club. This cannot be booked online as the actual cost will vary according to fuel etc. Please contact us or view our membership options and you can be flying with us in no time.

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Nav / Comm x 1, VOR x 1,  Garmin GPS 196, Mode S Transponder x 1

Trial Costs

  • Circuit £80
  • 30 Min £110
  • 45 Min £145
  • 60 Min £180

Member Rates  (Includes VAT)

  • Self Hire £122 Per Hour
  • Dual Instruction £160 Per Hour

Platinum Members

  • Self Hire £110
  • Dual Instruction £145


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