Jet Flight Experience

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Have you ever wondered what its like racing above the British countryside at over 400mph? This is usually the sole preserve of fast jet pilots. However now is your chance to join this exclusive club by taking part in our fast jet experience!


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After a comprehensive training session with regards to the safety features of the aircraft you will be lead out to your craft. After strapping in to the aircraft and taking it all in, your experienced fast jet pilot will take off and show you what she can do! If you’re feeling bold why not ask them to show you a few aerobatic maneuvers, an unforgettable experience for sure!

The aircraft is a BAC Jet Provost T Mk5A which was built in 1970 and originally served as a two seat, side by side basic fast jet trainer with the Royal Air Force, she is fitted with a Rolls Royce Viper turbojet engine which allows her to reach well over 400mph and 36,000ft without breaking a sweat! Now retired from RAF service the aircraft is lovingly maintained by a specialist company at RAF St Athan who ensure that she is exactly as she was when training the next generation of fast jet pilots! She even has special dispensation from the Civil Aviation Authority to display her original colour scheme and military registration.

Not only will this experience give you the chance to experience fast jet flying but you will also get the opportunity to fly in a true piece of aviation history.


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