Trial Lesson in 4 Seat Plane

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Experience the freedom and excitement of flying a light aircraft yourself. Includes a pdf voucher which you can customise with a name and message if it is for a gift. The flight time can count towards getting a Private Pilots Licence. More information below.


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For each trial flying lesson there is a pre-flight briefing. You will be introduced to the basic flying controls, main instruments and profile of the flight.

Trial Flying Lessons – What to Expect

  • You sit in the Captains seat. Consequently you get the best perspective of the instruments And your own set of controls.
  • Control the plane for the majority of the flight.
  • Learn the basics of manoeuvring the aircraft.

After landing there is a short debrief. Your Instructor can answer any questions you may have. And also show you how to complete your logbook if you want to get one. Furthermore, you can get a consultation with one of of the Almat team. We can help you decide what direction to go with your pilot training. The flight time logged can count towards getting a Private Pilots Licence.

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