James Cadman – Flight Instructor

Part of our core team of instructors. James joined us in July 2022. Providing training for PPL (A) , LAPL (A) and SEP ratings.

James acquired his PPL in 2017, and then went on to get the Night Rating, IR, CPL, and Flight Instructor Rating.

He enjoys the challenge of cross country flights and visiting new airfields around the UK. His favourite aircraft to fly is the Cessna 172.

James aspires to eventually go on to work for a commercial airline, and has always wanted to become an instructor. 

Irfaan Dawood
Irfaan D.
10:22 19 Aug 22
Had booked a flying trial lesson for 45minutes. Showed up there expecting they'd just give me controls for a few minutes and that's it but man, what an experience. I was allowed to fly the aircraft for most part after we crossed the BHX airspace limits. James flew with me and what a kind and sweet guy, patient enough to explain all the details and answer all the questions. Even the reception service was one of the most friendly receptions I've ever had - kind and answer to the point. I might or might not take up a PPL but I'll never forget the experience that I had here being an Avgeek. Would definitely recommend everyone to give it a go, forget the price - the experience is worth everything you're paying for. I did have an issue with the video recording where the audio did not get recorded properly, but not that unhappy about it. If you have a GoPro, you can carry it, they have a holder on the aircraft where you can fix it(atleast the 152 I flew had it).
17:33 26 Jul 22