Free Consultation

Providing information required to make an informed decision about which licence and training route will work for you, along with practical budgeting advice.

Not only is the route to a pilot licence different from person to person, but choosing the right flight school for you is important. You need to know that the school you are going to is able to support you through all aspects of your training and make you feel comfortable throughout. At the same time, regardless of what your approach to training may be or level of experience, we want to meet anyone that would hire our aircraft for training or recreation first. It will also provide you with up to date information, pricing and give you a chance to meet us, see the school and discuss a training plan.

It will typically take up to an hour and a half and is intended to help you make a plan according to your own needs, and no go back over information we give away for free Therefore you need to make sure you qualify before you ask for a consultation using the form below. However, topics might include

  • Licensing options
  • 5 Student Progress Killers – How to avoid them
  • Passing the theory exams and the medical requirements
  • Budgeting and overall training costs
  • The equipment required
  • Fast Track Vs Learn at your own pace
  • Creating your training plan


The consultation is free but to qualify you need to:

– be planning to start training within the next 6 months.
– ensure you have had at least one trial lesson (which need not be with us, but you can buy one on this website if you need to).
– You have read at least one of our free guides in full – they are in the Free Information section of the main menu of this website.

I am currently free for these meetings Tuesday to Saturday at 12:00pm. Complete the form below and we will contact you to book you in. The information requested helps us understand more about you so we can give you the best advice, and is not shared with anyone for any reason. Consultations are available at any of our locations and by online meeting if needed.

International Students – Please use this page instead.