Free Consultation

£0.00 inc. VAT

A introduction to our facilities, team and aircraft.  We go through your licensing options, a training plan and give you a 20 minute flight in our state of the art simulator*.

Not only is the route to a pilot licence different from person to person, but choosing the right flight school for you is important. You need to know that the school you are going to is able to support you through all aspects of your training and make you feel comfortable throughout. So I offer these consultations to give you a chance to meet us, see the school and discuss a training plan. It will typically take one to two hours and includes:

  • Licensing options and the difference between LAPL and PPL
  • A training plan specific to you
  • Passing the theory exams and the medical requirements
  • Meet our instructors and see our aircraft.
  • Training costs, the equipment required and finance options
  • A 20 minute flight in our state of the art flight simulator (Fixed wing only)

I am currently free for these meetings Tuesday to Saturday at 3:00pm. Book yours today and get on the road to being a licensed pilot.