Fast Track PPL (A) / LAPL (A)

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We take you from no experience to a pilot license in 1 – 6 months  with Fast Track Classic or 6 – 12 months with Fast Track LITE. Now with £504 of savings for 2023 Sign ups. Get the full details in our free guide.


Save £504 if you sign up in 2023

This course can save you a small fortune in training fees and cut out the time it takes to get a licence substantially, not to mention the £504 of FREE items we include. Find out how with our free Fast Track Guide.

How To Get The Guide

Our FREE fast track guide has been incorporated into the fully revised 2022 edition of our Ultimate Learn To Fly Guide. Simply add this free product to the basket above and complete the checkout, wait a few minutes and we will send an email with a link to read it online or download it.

Aside from comparing the fast track approach with learning at your own pace, the guide gives you a complete roadmap from having the idea of becoming a pilot to applying for a licence and beyond. Presented in a logical sequence of “10 steps to success”. It is useful whoever you decide to learn to fly with. Crucially, it includes detailed advice on realistic budgeting. It also compares the fast track approach with learning at your own pace and the differences between PPL and LAPL licenses.

How Much Does It Cost?

If you get this free guide we will also send you a link to the latest pricing of our fast track courses with a more detailed breakdown of what is and is not included.

More About Fast Track Training

The courses include everything a complete beginner needs to achieve a pilot licence. But can also be tailored to the individual if for example you have already logged some hours or have some of the equipment / study material.

All your flights including a significant amount of contingency bookings in case of cancellations e.g. due to weather are booked as soon as you join the course.

Plus we guarantee that if you do not pass your flying skills test first time, we will pay for your second attempt!

Watch Emily’s Testimonial

Hasnian’s Testimonial

“I completed my PPL in Feb 2019 alongside studying for my degree course at University. I’ve now moved on to training for my commercial pilots license. Almat are one of the best in the business and have the best values for training, private hire and experience flights. The company has made and still making a huge amount of improvements. Almat has many opportunities which are not to be missed. Huge thank you to my instructors especially Carmen for supporting me through my PPL.”

Hasnain Mirza, April 2019 via Twitter

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