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We take you from no experience to a pilot license in 1 – 6 months while saving you significant time and money. Get the full details in our free guide.

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Save a small fortune in training fees, and cut out the time it takes to get a licence substantially. This course includes everything a complete beginner needs to acheive a pilot licence and can be tailored for the experienced. All theory training, exam and flight hours are booked from the outset. Furthermore, you´ll have the same instructor, back up instructor and aircraft throughout.The course includes our guarantee that if you do not pass your flying skills test first time, we will pay for your second attempt!

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Hasnian’s Testimonial

“I completed my PPL in Feb 2019 alongside studying for my degree course at University. I’ve now moved on to training for my commercial pilots license. Almat are one of the best in the business and have the best values for training, private hire and experience flights. The company has made and still making a huge amount of improvements. Almat has many opportunities which are not to be missed. Huge thank you to my instructors especially Carmen for supporting me through my PPL.”

Hasnain Mirza, April 2019 via Twitter

How long does it take?

This course is designed for serious and committed people that want to get it done. For that reason we only allow students to participate in the program for up to 6 months in order that we can deliver on saving you time and money. It has been done in under a month and so 3 months is very realistic.

Get our free guide above for full details. You can also add our free learn to fly guide.

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