We Have Unique Flying Experiences

These are open to the public. We have trial flying lessons for those interested in flying. For people looking to experience the thrill of flight we have aerobatics experiences (which include a chance to fly the plane). For people that prefer to stay on the ground we have flight simulator experiences.

We Support Licenced Pilots

We help license holders keep up to date with current best practice and maintain their licence. We also run training courses and offer private tuition by the hour help for additional ratings such as might flying or aerobatics for any budding daredevils.

You Can Learn To Fly With us

With everything needed to achieve your LAPL or PPL Private Pilots Licence, we are a vibrant and dynamic team known for our enthusiasm and commitment to high quality flying training. We are also one of few flying schools to offer CAA required ground training courses also open to non-members.

We Have A Great Flying Club

Members can take more lessons and license holder members can rent our planes. You’ll be able to use our flight simulator with or without instruction. You can join us on fly-outs and other social events to meet a great group of people who share a passion for flying.