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Andreas Kwasny
Andreas K.
17:00 26 Jun 22
Almat was my first flying school in UK back in 2007. Now I’m flying for national airlines and logged almost 4000hrs having 2 TR. Just wanted to say Thank you to all the team. Great people. I highly reccomend Almat. Thanks.
George Hunter
George H.
19:10 18 Jun 22
Lee Hodson
Lee H.
13:44 30 Apr 22
Great experience really made to feel at ease. Would recommend to anyone.
Julie Pipe
Julie P.
16:34 24 Apr 22
Everyone should try this once in their lifetime …. I’m still buzzing x. Awsome team , amazing experience !
Mass Happiness
Mass H.
13:26 27 Mar 22
Fantastic! They're teaching my daughter to fly and she's simply loving the experience. The instructors are excellent. The customer service is wonderful. If you want to learn to fly, contact Almat Flying Academy in Coventry, UK.
Graham Hibberd
Graham H.
12:46 14 Jan 22
jon healy
jon H.
11:52 08 Jan 22
Jeevan Sagoo
Jeevan S.
21:37 18 Oct 21
Absolutely amazing staff and had a great experience!
Simon James
Simon J.
16:02 28 Sep 21
Great experience loved it
19:11 10 Aug 21
Paul Sanders
Paul S.
13:11 06 Aug 21
Attended the SkyDemon tutorial last weekend and enjoyed every minute.The team at Almat were professional, friendly and delivered at first class session. I would highly recommend.
09:46 12 Jul 21
I had a Trial Lesson with Almat and could not possibly have had a better experience. Very friendly, helpful and professional staff. I highly recommend Almat for any potential pilots.
Alan Harrison
Alan H.
04:53 17 Jun 21
Dennis Doyle
Dennis D.
16:36 18 May 21
Absolutely first class trial lesson with Mark in the Cessna 172. Felt really safe after 30 minute briefing and a thorough run through of instruments etc. went through all the check list, taxied to runway hold, checklist. Took over controls after Mark took off, climbed to 3,000 feet, banked, left, right, descent, ascent and even some time 'free flight' as long as advised transitions I was about to fly. Joined the pattern left base, on to final and landed the aircraft, holding the flare advised by Markl.A truly memorable, brilliant experience and made so by the superb team at Almat. Highly, highly recommended
20:17 11 May 21
Arthur Bear
Arthur B.
15:01 03 May 21
I was one of those who got their flying lesson voucher on their birthday. I was pretty excited and arranged a lesson with Almat. All I was supposed to get was some basic navigating bordering on boring. This has all changed when I've met my flying instructor. Now within the 30 minutes of our time he has turned me into a MAN! Who can boast that they've done a barrel roll, inside loop, inverted flying up to 4Gs on their first lesson?! My expectation of an ordinary experience has turned into the most amazing! And he has even made a video of it for me and gave a voucher for a pint in a nearby pub! Thank you, Almat Aviation!
Petros K
Petros K
15:59 16 Apr 21
Friendly & Professional
Lester Beeson
Lester B.
11:14 12 Oct 20
I completed the aerobatics course at Almat, great fun!big thanks to Steve for his expert tuition.Almat is a professional and very friendly club to be a member of🛩️
Sandra Beeson
Sandra B.
11:08 12 Oct 20
Thank you Carmen for helping me keep my skill set current after I completed my Companion Pilots Certificate with Almat. To all the staff at Almat, keep up the good work, this is a great friendly and professional club to be a member of.
Kulik Árpi
Kulik Á.
10:58 11 Oct 20
I've completed my PPL with Almat a while ago, then life got in the way and my SEP rating lapsed. What I actually miss the most is everyone from the flying club. I think it's time to renew my membership and I am actually looking forward to flying with Carmen Gardien again! She's the best motivator and we all know how much that is needed to advance in aviation.
Agustin Córdoba Page
Agustin Córdoba P.
23:50 05 Oct 20
Billi Staite
Billi S.
20:36 01 Oct 20
I can’t recommend this place enough! I joined the fast track scheme after lockdown and I’ve come further than I ever thought possible. This place has a friendly atmosphere and the guys and girls down there are a wonderful bunch to be around. I spend nearly every weekend at the club and it’s always the highlight of my week. I find the training very professional and my instructor is Carmen has been excellent. I trust her completely and love her teaching style. You would never have known a few months ago I was afraid of heights and flying! Steve has also helped me through my theory studies and I can’t thank him enough for all the extra tips along the way.
Shamsul Khan
Shamsul K.
15:03 01 Oct 20
I was looking for a flying school local to me and I called Almat for a taster session. Ever since then I’ve been hooked and, thanks to Almat, I was able to get my private pilots’ licence. Incredibly supportive and friendly staff, excellent facilities, welcoming atmosphere - the perfect environment for anyone to who wants to learn to fly, which certainly keeps me coming back!
Anthony Michaelides
Anthony M.
17:47 30 Sep 20
I've been flying with Almat for approx 18 months now. They are a great bunch! Friendly, professional & extremely helpful. Carmen my instructor is superb at her job. Carmen is patient and knows the right time to give me some extra encouragement to build my confidence when needed. Steve is great too. He is always polite and has helped me many times with ground school. Ben and Simon also deserve a mention as part of the great bunch! I'd like to think I have made a few friends there too!
Alex Miles
Alex M.
16:37 30 Sep 20
Started my PPL a couple of years back with Carmen and since then picked up over 35 hours, would highly recommend anyone to get a membership, nice aircraft, nice atmosphere.👍
Andy Godfrey
Andy G.
15:53 30 Sep 20
I completed my PPL with Almat under the expert tuition of Carmen. I wouldn't hesitate recommending them to anybody looking for flight tuition.
Paul Hayton
Paul H.
15:46 30 Sep 20
I have been a member with Almat since June 2019 and am working towards my PPL(A) with my instructor Carmen. My progress has been good and I am nearly ready for my Qualifying Cross Coubtry flight
Karl Galloway
Karl G.
15:20 30 Sep 20
After a 15 year break from training, I resumed my training with Almat, and within just a few months I had gained my PPL(A). I particularly like the friendly atmosphere at Almat, and the professionalism of the instructors. I would give a special mention to Carmen Gardien, who guided me through the latter part of my training and always made flying fun. The ongoing membership programme is very useful giving decent discounts on training and aircraft hire. Definitely recommended.
Cain Goodhand
Cain G.
15:12 30 Sep 20
In the past week, I have achieved my PPL with Almat Flying Academy. Being a member of this wonderful school has allowed me to gain the confidence and experience required for a future career in the skies. My flight instructor Carmen is a great teacher and made every moment interesting and exciting.
Martin Hallam
Martin H.
16:27 15 Sep 20
Wow, the pilot let me take off and have control of the plane for around 25-30 minutes. Very hot in the cockpit which couldn't be helped. Pilot was very informative about what was in the cockpit and a nice chap.
pavan kumar vadlamudi
pavan kumar V.
15:05 07 Sep 20
Great experience, friendly and good customer service
Kevin Kendall
Kevin K.
14:35 30 Aug 20
Had a great time and would highly recommend Almat Flying Academy.My instructor Steve Mason made the experience amazing. Everything was explained in detail and made the flight unforgettable.
Ahmet Gundogdu
Ahmet G.
18:08 20 Aug 20
Completed my medical flight test. Very good customer service. Phil being my instructor did a very good job of everything. Very good prices as well.
Caroline Sparks
Caroline S.
15:24 22 Jul 20
Great tuition, friendly service
Gareth Reed
Gareth R.
12:11 26 Mar 20
After beginning to get nervous on commercial planes I decided to have a flying lesson at Almat. My instructor Ali was brilliant at explaining the whole process, the pre-flight checks, what is going on in the air, and what pilots are looking out for, and of course how I was going to fly! He applied this information to commercial flying too and has very much set my mind at ease.The flight itself was incredible! I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. We saw plenty of the local landmarks, and I had control for most of the flight. Ali has a great sense of humour too!This is absolutely something I will do again, and I urge everybody to give this a go!
Lexa Wincott
Lexa W.
14:48 29 Feb 20
Such a friendly and professional company. They made us very welcome and had a brilliant induction programme. Thank you
09:07 22 Jan 20
Almat flying academy was a very professional and friendly experience Steve mason was great. Will 100% recommend to everyone thankyou guys.
Kapitän John
Kapitän J.
08:09 18 Dec 19
The team at Almat are all really friendly and welcoming! I've flown most often with Carmen, who was really reassuring and encouraging during my lessons. She let me take the controls from the first lesson and it's been good progress since then! I would highly recommend doing a flying experience and then get ready to get addicted to being in the air!
Alan Appleby
Alan A.
15:49 19 Nov 19
Really enjoyed a 30-minute aerobatic experience through Almat Flying Academy. Simon and Ben were super-organised on the booking and pre-flight briefing processes. Steve was a superbly capable pilot and made sure I felt ok after every one of the amazing aerobatic manoeuvres before moving on to the next. My favourite? The stall turn - the anticipation at the top and then the plummet straight down towards the ground - awesome! Thank you guys!
David Medcalf
David M.
13:52 18 Nov 19
I was bought a lesson as a present an I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. On arrival the offices give a sense of confidence that this is a professionally run organisation. I was given a briefing which was suitably adapted to reflect my previous experience. Once in the plane I was able to control the taxi and have hands on during the take off. I then was in control until moments before landing. A great experience professionally delivered
Peter Butler
Peter B.
18:26 09 Nov 19
Flew with Carmen in a fixed wing and in a Helicopter with Jason, what a fantastic time I had everyone at Almat were so professional they made my day just BRILLIANT, thanks to all at Almat.
Nick Taylor
Nick T.
07:52 23 Oct 19
16/10/2019Had a fantastic flying experience with my son for his 18th birthday. We each had 30 mins in the co-pilot seat and 30 mins as a passenger in the 4 seater Cessna 172. Carmen was a brilliant pilot, guide and instructor. She let us at the controls for almost every manoeuvre (except take-off and landing) and was funny and engaging as well as informative. We flew over Rugby, Leamington, Warwick, Gaydon and everywhere in between. Such a brilliant time. Thank you Almat Flying Academy!
Graham Sellars
Graham S.
06:56 17 Oct 19
Received a 30 Min Flying Lesson as a Birthday present and it took nearly a year to get round to redeeming it, but so glad I did, as it was a truly breath taking experience.Carmen was very friendly and informative during the initial briefing and while in the plane.I'm seriously considering going again... thank you.
Jonny Haynes
Jonny H.
22:51 12 Oct 19
Wow! What a brilliant experience! I was bought the extended flying lesson as a gift from my family and it certainly didn't disappoint.Started with a briefing in the classroom by Simon and although I didn't really know anything about the technicalities of flying this short briefing really helped to prime me for what was to come.Once out on the tarmac I was handed over to my instructor, Steve and we were soon underway. Nothing really beats that take off moment which was my first in a light aircraft. Weather was overcast with cloud layer at around 3000ft which we were soon above, making for another great dimension to the experience. Steve was great at explaining everything as he was going along (even if I didn't really understand some of it!) and I very quickly felt at ease. I was surprised/delighted at how immersive and hands on the experience was and it went so quickly!Once back on the ground I found myself discussing course options (which i hadn't planned to!) and finding more out about the academy, which Simon talked me through.All in all an experience I hope I don't ever forget! Thanks guys, might be seeing you again!
Komal Jain
Komal J.
19:56 12 Oct 19
I did a 30 minutes trial Arial lesson on 12th October. Since I did it early morning 9am it was a great experience. The weather was perfect, the skies were clear and the instructor Steve Mason was really helpful. I also got my photographs clicked and printed during the entire experience for an additional of £15/-.
Steve Lindley
Steve L.
17:47 21 Sep 19
Had a lesson today, my second in 12 months. Todays instructor, Neil, took me up in a Cessna 152. Weather was gorgeous and I had control for most of the flight. Almat’s professionalism and attention to detail in all aspects, on the ground and in the air, was first class. Will certainly be back in the near future. Thanks guys.
Hazel Lunn
Hazel L.
19:45 20 Sep 19
Excellent flight experience on 19th September with our instructor Steve. Would recommend to anyone. A great day for myself and friend Jo plus our guest mascot - Norman. Thanks Almat.
John Sullivan
John S.
13:52 04 Sep 19
Trusted Professionals Limited has been working with Almat Flying Academy for nearly 3 years on both a professional and personal basis within the aviation arena. Almat are professional with friendly staff willing to help in any way they can.Carmen and Steve are very knowledgeable pilots with a wealth of experience I would therefore have no hesitation in recommending Almat to anyone wishing to complete their PPL or even for pleasure flights.The only single negative I have is that sometimes the chocolate does run out but rest assured, the staff will do their best to deliver and indeed they do.
Richard Reed
Richard R.
12:50 02 Sep 19
Great experience today flying with Carmen. It was my first time flying and she allowed me to have control pretty much the whole flight so I could get a real feel for flying. Will be looking to return soon. Thanks again 😊
Angela Clark
Angela C.
12:58 30 Aug 19
We have booked several lessons for our Grandson Caden at Almat. The staff are amazing and so helpfull. Caden is only 13 years old and has learnt so much from flying with them and assisting him to reach his goal to become a pilot in the Air Force. Thanks to C Gardien his instructor yesterday, who gave us good feedback.
David Clarke
David C.
19:28 27 Aug 19
I was braught a 30 minute aerobatic experience for my birthday from my wife and daughter and all I can say was that it was amazing. It was super easy to book a time slot that suited me, when I arrived I was given a informative and thorough safety brief and my questions were all answered which put me at ease. When it came to flying I can't belive how hands on it was, my instructer Craig aloud me to control the plane and gave me the chance to take off, complete some manoeuvres and land. When up in the air Craig was brilliant, we did so many "tricks" Including loop to loop, barrel roll, stall turn plus many more. Thourally enjoyed this experience and would highly recommend it!
Christopher Bishop
Christopher B.
06:17 26 Aug 19
I recently re-qualified for my PPL with Almat. Steve Mason was my instructor. I found him and the team to be completely professional, encouraging and supportive throughout the whole process. The club is friendly with lots of regular activities taking place that you can be involved in as much or as little as you want to. I did a ‘fly-over’ for charity a few weeks ago and Steve was so keen to support in any way possible, especially given that the manoeuvres were unusual. I particularly like the direction the club is going in recently. For example, more social seating for visitors, positioned overlooking the apron to help enhance the experience for both new ‘flyers’ and experienced ones. It certainly adds an even better wow factor for my passengers! 🙂
Paul Ryder
Paul R.
15:03 24 Aug 19
Had an introduction to flying in a Cessna 172 - great experience - looked after well from start to finish the directions were spot on to find the place - use Google maps and it takes you to the door. The reception area was excellent with good facilities, very professional pilot and ground staff as well.
Daisy Clarke
Daisy C.
19:14 22 Aug 19
Carmen and Ali were amazing - made me feel at ease and excited to fly! Couldn't recommend enough. Thank you guys... I'll be back! Daisy
15:13 21 Aug 19
A wonderful place with outstanding staff! The people at Almat make it such a special flying school. I completed my PPL in the summer of 2017 and with the accomodation of the staff, especially Carmen, they enabled me to go from 2 hours flight time to passing my skills test in just 3 weeks and 2 days - if that doesn't show a dedicated team of instructors I'm not sure what does! I will be forever grateful to Almat and recommend anyone to take up a trial lesson with them.
Colin Childs
Colin C.
10:22 21 Aug 19
Had a great aerobatics experience at Almat with Steve Mason, thanks. He talked me through all the manoeuvres and then let me take the controls to do a few myself. Exhilarating! The team at Almat are very welcoming and hospitable. I flew to Coventry in my microlight and they helped me out with a problem I had on my navigation device. On my previous visit, Simon even dropped us off at the local pub for lunch and collected us afterwards. Excellent service, thanks
Tahir Khattak
Tahir K.
05:38 21 Aug 19
Very friendly and helpful staff. Thanks to Craig for excellent flight experience. Would definitely recommend this Acadmey for pilot training and casual flight experience.
Alex Miles
Alex M.
11:09 13 Aug 19
I started my PPL last year with Carmen Guardien at Almat and it has been brilliant . Learning to fly has been great fun and I’ve loved every second due to the amazing club feel and fleet that they offer. Definitely recommend!
Zara Duke
Zara D.
13:59 12 Aug 19
I have just done an hour or aerobatics with an instructor called craig Bryan. What an amazing experience from beginning to end. I was made to feel welcomed and comfortable throughout and would recommend Almat academy to anyone that wants a thrilling experience.
Andrew B
Andrew B
08:36 12 Aug 19
Fabulous flying school! Just gone through a lot of changes: moving site and some organisational which have only made it better. The instruction for my PPL was just what I needed: professional, tailored to how I learn, patient and most of all encouraging (Carmen Gardien particularly so for getting me to go solo in my late 50s!!). The whole team is very friendly, the prices are great, and there is plenty of help and advice when you need it.
Chris Weaver
Chris W.
08:07 12 Aug 19
Really pleased with the direction Almat is going following the recent changes, they have focused on responding positively to feedback from club members and other customers. Great team of instructors making training fun while keeping it safe and professional. Benefits for club members are great, I have kept my membership here despite moving away from the area, can't beat the service provided for the price. Recently completed my Aerobatic training which was a fantastic experience, highly recommended!!
Anthony Michaelides
Anthony M.
10:02 11 Aug 19
I first attended Almat for ground school to help with my exams over 18 months ago. I have since passed all of my exams and now am flying regularly with Carmen working towards my PPL. Carmen is a great instructor, she has the right amount of patience and encouragement when required. I have also flown with Steve on a few occasions who is also a great instructor. If you are looking to become a pilot or just one off experiences Almat Flying Academy are a great team. They regularly put on social events like BBQ's, days out flying and training courses and always make you feel very welcome.I thoroughly recommend Almat. A+!
Tony Godfrey
Tony G.
09:19 09 Aug 19
I gained my PPL with AFA. The whole team we’re professional, well organised and always made time to support me in my flying. Carmen, who is now Head of Training, is a truly amazing flight instructor, along with her excellent team! Next on my ‘tick’ list is to fly aerobatics with Steve, another fabulous instructor. I would recommend AFA to anyone interested in learning to fly or just for a flight experience, it’s great fun and a wonderful day out!
Hasnain Mirza
Hasnain M.
19:56 08 Aug 19
I joined Almat in Jan 2018 and completed my PPL in Feb 2019 alongside studying for my degree course at University. I've now moved on to training for my commercial pilots license. Almat are one of the best in the business and have the best values for training, private hire and experience flights. The company has made and still making a huge amount of improvements. Almat has many opportunities which are not to be missed. Huge thank you to my instructors especially Carmen for supporting me through my PPL.
Phoebe Jenner
Phoebe J.
18:45 08 Aug 19
I have been flying with Almat for a while now and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Carmen is a great instructor, really encouraging and has just got me through all of my theory exams.Lovely staff and a warm atmosphere with great socials.
Karl Galloway
Karl G.
17:51 08 Aug 19
Started my PPL(A) with Almat early in 2018, and completed it a few weeks ago. The guys (and girls) at Almat are always friendly and accommodating. The quality/stability of the instruction at first was a bit hit and miss but that all changed when I settled into training with Carmen. The instructors I had early on have moved on and the ones there now are great. I would definitely recommend Almat, and would encourage anyone who’s thinking about learning to fly to pop in and have a chat.
Arpad Kulik
Arpad K.
16:20 08 Aug 19
I've done my PPL training with Almat and would recommend it to anyone at any level. All the instructors in their new line-up are very professional and share their passion with all individuals. I have to highlight Carmen whose enthusiasm is unrivalled. I love flying with her, she knows how to teach you the right techniques and she knows how to have fun! Private hire is probably the cheapest in England, rivalling non-equity groups, with the platinum membership. Super highly recommend!
Adam Broadhurst
Adam B.
12:36 17 Jul 19
Almat have consistently delivered fantastic training at a competitive price. The friendly and enthusiastic staff are brilliant and really help to suck you into what will become an addictive if slightly expensive hobby. Still the most excitement you can have with your trousers on!
Melanie Jackson
Melanie J.
21:25 29 Jun 19
Helpful, friendly and relaxed staff there to give everyone a great start into the world of aviation.
James Drummond
James D.
02:19 03 Jan 19
been up on a couple of instances always a good experience - been a while now I have the Motorhome hope in the spring I can get a flight - nothing can compare to being up in the air with A.F.A.
Andy Smith
Andy S.
18:28 08 Nov 18
What an excellent experience! All staff were welcoming, everything was well explained and the pilot (Ian, I believe) was friendly and amenable. A very good time was had - on the ground and in the air. Disappointed tho that there was no in flight drinks trolley service or Duty Free hehehehe !!!!!! Being serious, overall 10/10 for your efforts. Great afternoon had. Thank you very much. I shall raise a glass and toast you with my voucher!
Angela Moore
Angela M.
16:27 01 Oct 18
Had an amazing time yesterday at Almat Aviation. My Sister bought me a 45min flying experience for a birthday treat. All I can say is WOW!! From the minute we arrived we were made so welcome. The staff are so friendly and helpful and talk you though everything you need to know. We took off and and soon as we were up in the air I was allowed to take control of the plane. Fabulous! The trainer asked where I would like to fly to and off we set. After 45 minutes doing climbs, descents and turns it was time to head back to the airport. Had the best time and would love to do it again.
Jane Bemand
Jane B.
16:31 22 Aug 18
I had an absolutely fantastic time, was amazed at how much I was aloud to do myself, I had a 1/2hr flying lesson in the two seater Cessna, my instructor was Carmen & she was brilliant, it was a treat for my 60th Birthday, I really want to come back & do it again, thank you so much for such an amazing experience xx
Andy Blacker
Andy B.
16:47 18 Aug 18
Craig my piolt was first class he explained everything with ease and made me feel comfortable and confident the flying experience was first class I would highly recommend this for anyone young or old.I enjoyed it that much I am planning on doing it again. Thank you do much Craig and all the staff at Almat Aviation Coventry.
Diana Hancox
Diana H.
16:03 10 Aug 18
Fantastic flying lesson experience. Great instructor and had lots of control of the plane. Nice staff and easy going atmosphere.
Helen Walsh
Helen W.
14:11 09 Jul 18
Lovely experience for my daughters 18th birthday. Her first time in a plane and the ease the staff gave her was fantastic.Highly recommended. Going to do it again for my other 3 children. Thank you Almat staff for a lovely Treasured memory for my daughter
Philip Short
Philip S.
14:43 18 Jun 18
Had an introductory lesson bought for me. It was amazing. Friendly and helpful staff. Very well equipped. Highly recommended �
Naz Hutchings
Naz H.
12:59 18 Jun 18
Had a fab flying lesson, a birthday gift ...thanks to Steve the instructor very knowledgeable, loved every minute would recommend to everyone
Amy Price
Amy P.
20:35 11 Jun 18
Great surprise for my mom! Absolutely loved her flying lesson today and acrobatics in the air with Bryan!! Great guy, definitely be visiting again!
Geeta Odedra
Geeta O.
11:21 20 May 18
Lovely people... hubby had an awesome time and if your going during summers take a picnic basket and enjoy a lovely picnic during the experience
Sharon A Beresford
Sharon A B.
14:55 12 Feb 18
Bought my partner a flight lesson 45 mins great experience all the staff there were very friendly and helpful especially the young man on the front desk... showed us the route he was on got a radio so we could also hear when he was about to land 😊 his instructor was also very nice and ensured him as he was quite nervous... would definitely go back there fantastic present
Liam Green
Liam G.
13:00 02 Nov 17
Les Smith
Les S.
19:24 16 Oct 17
First lesson yesterday ,a Father’s Day present from my daughter, great briefing from Dave, funny and informative, instructor Ian, a crazy Scot, was very experienced and totally chilled out, made me feel very relaxed and gained confidence as the flight progressed, all in all, a great experience and booking a further 2 hours very soon, already started my flight log with the intention of working towards my P.P.I. thanks to all at Almat Aviation.
Arron Foxall
Arron F.
17:47 08 Oct 17
Was given to me as a birthday gift, absolutely loved it. Great staff, awsome experience. 100% recommend this to everyone.
Alan Jones
Alan J.
06:37 01 Oct 17
amazing experience fantastic instructor Ali. need another lesson? 👍👍✈
Martin Loker
Martin L.
20:22 30 Sep 17
Just done the aerobatic stunt experience with Greg. What an amazing time. To start off you get a briefing about flying, then I was taken out to the plane. Greg explained everything that was needed and made me feel very confident. From taxiing on the ground to flying I was allowed to take the controls and also performed a couple of stunts. What an experience. Loved every minute of it. Can’t wait to come back and do it again. Thanks very much to my wife Deb’s for buying me the experience and to Greg for making a day to remember. ���
Aleksandra Las-Roszak
Aleksandra L.
10:09 24 Sep 17
Paul Haynes
Paul H.
19:57 22 Sep 17
Well skies the limit.. Birthday flight from Lynne my wife.Had one cancelllation due to English weather.. But what an experience from start to finish. Pre flight tuition not to serious but you get the gist .lovely people running the experience. Captain Phil who apparently has no sense of direction can't fly and falls asleep at the helm. He was Brill.... started by dragging the plane out thought I had to push it to bump start it ! Taxing along the yellow line then to the runway ! Yes ! 65 knots pull back and up we went, climbed to 2000ft level off left steep turn right steep,turn,over the bumpy bridge !lifted out of seat. Circled Warwick castle,went round the chimney, it is a wonderful experience.Thank you to all the team, hope I will be back
Jamie Varro
Jamie V.
16:56 13 Aug 17
Stuart Waugh
Stuart W.
18:04 24 Jun 17
Had flying lesson June 3rd. Amazing can't wait to do more.
Chris Kibbler-Weaver
Chris K.
20:08 12 May 17
James Buckler-Shurmer
James B.
16:36 07 Apr 17
The misses booked a taster flight for my birthday. It was an amazing experience, all the staff are really friendly and happy to answer any questions you might have. The tuition was relaxed and the atmosphere was great. I would deffinatly recommend giving it a go. Thank you Almat Aviation 😀
Fiona Jayne
Fiona J.
09:13 07 Feb 17
Bought a flight experience for my boyfriends birthday and he absolutely loved it! Have never seen him with such a big smile on his face! The people there are wonderful, so welcoming and friendly. Will deffo be returning, the boyfriend won't stop talking about how brilliant it was and now he wants his license! Thank you so much!! �
Radu Ignat
Radu I.
16:18 10 Oct 16
Vlad Ursu
Vlad U.
11:25 10 Oct 16
Adam Bartlam
Adam B.
08:49 28 Aug 16
Had a 30 minute taster flight and was allowed and encouraged to do far more than I had expected given the description 'taster'. Amazing experience and am now looking at how exactly I'm going to finance my PPL!
Steve Dee
Steve D.
18:32 08 Aug 16
Cancelled a couple of times but when it finally came together it was well worth the wait. My wife got me the Stunt flight experience with was incredible. Plenty of interaction with the aircraft. Great instructor, super fun from start to finish, brilliant and unique.
Carol Hughes
Carol H.
08:42 24 Jul 16
Had an amazing time. Very friendly people. Pilot Craig Brian was great instructor. Would definitely do it again.
Ian Garfield
Ian G.
10:35 30 Jun 16
I had a 3 x 30 minute flight experience on Sunday 26th June which I have to say was impeccable. We got to handle the aircraft and move it out of the hangar (!) and I cannot fault the day at all. From start to finish, it was a great day - a welcoming greeting, introduction with the group and then on to the flying with a brilliant instructor! She was amazing and made the whole experience so relaxing! For me it was a trial flight and I will definitely be taking up lessons from this, really really enjoyed it and would recommend to anyone!
Maureen Lamothe
Maureen L.
19:50 29 May 16
The instructor was very good and very patient. Even though I was bricking it and to short for flying it was an amazing experience
Matt Collingwood
Matt C.
17:35 03 Oct 15
Brilliant day out and first class service from all the team. Highly recommended.
Dean Shingler
Dean S.
15:31 26 Sep 15
Great experience today at 1300 hrs with instructor mark Byrom thanks for the experience will be doing it again and thanks for letting me fly.
Claire Charlwood
Claire C.
14:59 26 Jul 15
We had a great day at Almat Aviation - would highly recommend!
Hayley Duffy
Hayley D.
16:20 25 Jul 15