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We operate training on aeroplanes for complete beginners and experienced pilots. Please choose a category to find out more about our services and book online. Or read more about our flying lessons and learning to fly with us below.

Learning To Fly With Almat

Learning to fly is a wonderful and rewarding experience. Here at Almat flying academy we have the staff and resources to build your confidence and help ensure that you excel. With our structured learning environment, friendly staff and club working ethic, you will always have someone to hand to offer guidance and advice. In order to access our flying lessons and courses you will need to join us as a member. When learning to fly with us your instructor will develop a personal training plan for you that you can work into your schedule.

Flying Lessons – Where to Start

If you are considering to learn to fly but not sure where to start, in the first instance we recommend our Trial Flying Lessons. These give you an insight into what it is actually like to fly a light aircraft hands on. The FREE consultation that is included helps you find the right path for you.

A large proportion of learning to fly will be flight instruction in an aircraft. In addition to this there is a theory element. We provide ground school training for both licence types. This can be one on one tuition or distance learning. We also offer an intensive 5 day ground school course, which is a group based 5 day course designed to help you pass all of the exams in one week. Alternatively the modules of this course can be booked individually as needed.

Our Flight Instructors and Examiners

We have a dedicated team of full time flight instructors and examiners. Ensuring that you receive the highest standard of training. Having in-house examiners means that we can take people from no experience to a pilot licence in 3 months, or even less in some cases. If you’re looking at learning to fly as quickly as possible take a look at our fast track scheme.

Learning to fly FAQ

Is There an Age Limit for Flying Lessons?

Fourteen is the earliest you can start to log hours towards a licence. A student can fly solo at the age of sixteen and can hold a PPL or LAPL at seventeen. There is no upper limit, as long as you are fit and pass the medical you can keep flying.

Do I need any special qualifications to Fly a Plane?


Do I Need Special Clothing? Just comfortable clothing of the sort you would use to drive a car and a warm jacket in winter for walking out to the aircraft. For ladies, no high heels please. They make rudder control very difficult and will damage the wing surfaces when you board. The aircraft have very effective heating for winter use. For summer they are not air-conditioned but have effective cooling air vents.

Will I Pay a set price for every lesson?

No – you only pay for the flying time (brakes off to brakes on).

How long does it take before I can fly solo?

It varies on the individual, but between 10 and 20 hours of instruction is not unusual.

Will I have to pay any monies in advance?

No – you only pay for the flying time (brakes off to brakes on). Payment is due after the flight.

What Sort of Aircraft Can I Learn to Fly In?

We have a Cessna 152 and a Robin 2160 both of which are 2 seat aircraft. In addition to this we have a PA28 and a Cessna 172 which are both 4 seat aircraft. All aircraft are available for training or private hire.

The aircraft type you learn in is personal choice, the 2 seater aircraft are smaller and therefore offer better economy. However the four seat aircraft are larger and offer more comfort especially for the larger framed person. All aircraft are excellent trainers in their own right.

How Many Hours Flight Instruction are Needed to Get a Licence?

This depends on the type of licence you want to achieve, we offer the Light Aircraft Pilots Licence (LAPL) and the Private Pilots Licence (PPL). A comparison can be found here.

For a PPL the CAA requires a minimum of 45 hours flight training to include 25 hours dual flying with a flying instructor. You will also need 10 hours solo, including at least 5 hours of cross country navigation. The cross country hours must include a qualifying cross country flight of 150 nautical miles landing away at two other aerodromes. The remaining 10 hours will be dual or solo, depending on the needs of the student. Once the syllabus has been completed the student will undertake a ‘skills test’. Successful complete of this will lead to licence issue.

The LAPL requires fewer flying hours to achieve. A minimum of 30 hours is required to include 15 hours of dual instruction and 6 hours of solo flight. Of these solo hours 3 hours must be cross country navigation to include a qualifying cross country flight of 80 nautical miles and a stop at one aerodrome. The remaining hours will be solo or dual depending on the needs of the student. As with the PPL once the syllabus has been completed the student will be required to pass a skills test.

If you are just starting learning to fly you may be interested to read more about the different licence options, which are compared on our Pilot Licence page. Here there is a lot more information for people wanting to pursue a licence.

More information on pilots licences can also be found on the Civil Aviation Authority website. Information on PPL and LAPL skills tests can be found here. 

Is Learning to Fly Safe?

Aeroplanes are  one of the safest forms of transport. All aircraft are inspected prior to each flight. They are checked and maintained regularly by licensed engineers in accordance with Civil Aviation Authority regulations. All our instructors are fully qualified commercial pilots, with extensive experience and expertise in the field of instruction. Periodically their licences are re-validated by authorised flight examiners.

Am I Insured when Flying with Almat Flying Academy?

You are covered under the aircraft insurance. Aircraft insurance documents can be viewed on request. 

Is Learning to Fly Difficult?

Not really, but it does requires high motivation and dedication.

Does the Weather Play a Major Role in Flying?

Yes, depending on your type of flight and nature of training. We adhere to the standards, rules and regulations as laid down by The Civil Aviation Authority to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable experience.

Will a Trial Flight count towards my training?

Yes, all trial lessons are conducted by the same instructors who teach towards the PPL and LAPL. Therefore all time gained through trial lessons will count should you decide to pursue a licence. 

  All of our training and courses comply with CAA requirements. Details of which can be found here.
Probably the best flying school in the region. Competitively priced and the staff and instructors have a sense of humour (just don't use words like impact and crash!)There's a fledgling branch over at Sywell too
Micky P
Micky P
18:22 15 Feb 23
I bought a trial flight for my boyfriend and he thoroughly enjoyed it. Everyone at the flying school were great and made the experience easy and fun. I would highly recommend this flying school to anyone who is interested in learning how to fly. It also makes a great gift.
Gilly Da Silva
Gilly Da S.
08:45 09 Jan 23
My son decided at the age of 13 that he wanted to be a pilot, he flew locally to us from the age of 13 to 15 landing and taking off on grass at a very small local airfield. Liam then needed to gain more experience and needed expert guidance. At 16 he was flying solo, we did originally try another school in Coventry prior to Almat Flying Academy but that was a total disaster. Coventry is not local for us but they have kept Liam in the air and nurtured him right to the end where he now leaves them only to finish his commercial pilots licence.We could not recommend this flying school enough and as a parent you can trust these not to keep milking your bank account unlike other flying schools.
Sharon Evison
Sharon E.
16:33 27 Oct 22
Almat was my first flying school in UK back in 2007. Now I’m flying for national airlines and logged almost 4000hrs having 2 TR. Just wanted to say Thank you to all the team. Great people. I highly reccomend Almat. Thanks.
Andreas Kwasny
Andreas K.
17:00 26 Jun 22
I was looking for a flying school local to me and I called Almat for a taster session. Ever since then I’ve been hooked and, thanks to Almat, I was able to get my private pilots’ licence. Incredibly supportive and friendly staff, excellent facilities, welcoming atmosphere - the perfect environment for anyone to who wants to learn to fly, which certainly keeps me coming back!
Shamsul Khan
Shamsul K.
15:03 01 Oct 20

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