PPL Expert CRP-1 Masterclass

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Your CRP-1 frustrations are over. The ultimate guide to all aspects of the CRP-1. This online course is includes step by step guides and picture tutorials for every imaginable calculation.


The CRP-1 is something you need to be familiar with for theory training. It is the basis of making calculations in pre-flight planning. You will need to be able to use  CRP-1 to answer your theory exam questions.

You may also find this guide handy to refer back to so we offer this lifetime access for those that have passed their exams and no longer need the rest of PPL expert. It includes:

  • 40 Calculations
  • Step By Step Instructions
  • Illustrated Examples

How To Access The Course

The course is available immediately upon purchase. Simply visit this page. We will also email you access details. Furthermore all your purchases are available via the my account page.

Example Question From The Course:

CRP-1 – Calculating Distance Off-track From A VOR/DME

Your actual radial from the VOR is 155˚ and your desired radial you want to be on is 162˚. The DME range from the beacon is 17 NM. What is the distance off- track between the radials?

Step 1: Set index mark on the inner scale against the radial error on the outer scale. So in this case your radial error is 162˚ – 155˚ = 7˚.
Step 2: Move the red cursor over the DME range from the beacon on the inner scale.

Step 3: Read off the distance off -track on the outer scale. So in this case the distance off -track is 1.98 NM.

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