Trial Flying Lessons

Get your hands on the controls of a plane without being a member and find out what it is like to fly with no commitment.  Meet our team and see what it is like here at Almat Flying Academy. A great gift idea for aspiring pilots. We have a range of options so there is something for everyone to enjoy.

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Learning to fly is a wonderful and rewarding but sometimes daunting experience. Here at Almat Flying Academy we have the staff and resources to ensure that you excel. With our structured learning environment, friendly staff and club working ethic, you will always have someone to hand to offer guidance and advice.

If you are considering to learn to fly but not sure where to start, in the first instance we recommend our Trial Flying Lessons. These give you an insight into what it is actually like to fly a light aircraft hands on. The FREE consultation that is included helps you find the right path for you. There is no obligation to join or even learn to fly. If you have an interest in aviation and simply want to have a go you are more than welcome.

What is included?

When you book a trial lesson with us you will be given a time which is the time the flight will depart. We ask that you arrive at least 30 minutes before this time, this allows for a pre-flight brief. Your brief will detail the basic parts of the aircraft as well as the basic controls and instruments. You will also be briefed on the safety features of the aircraft as well as what to do in the highly unlikely event of an emergency. After the brief its out to the aircraft your family members are more than welcome to accompany you to the aircraft to take pictures, after which they will be escorted back to our waiting area. You will be sat on the left hand seat of the aircraft which is the captain’s side, this will be where you’ll sit should you learn to fly. The instructor will start the aircraft and communicate with air traffic control. You will be encouraged to assist where possible. Once pre-flight checks are complete it’s time to take to the skies. Your instructor will complete the take-off and you will be encourage to take control shortly after departure. You’ll be fully briefed on what to do and even though the intention of a trial lesson is to take control there is no obligation to do so if you don’t want to. Whilst in the air you will be shown how to fly straight and level and how to turn the aircraft, you will also be shown the basics of navigation depending on the length of the flight. Trial flights are intended to be a hands on experience therefore you will be encouraged to be in control of the aircraft for as long as is possible. When it is time to return to the airfield your instructor will take control back from you on approach and will land the aircraft.

After landing you will be presented with a commemorative certificate of your flight. You will also be given a record of your flight times as all hours gained as part of a trial lesson do count towards the issue of a pilot’s licence should you wish to go down that path.

Do trial lessons count towards a pilot’s licence?

All trial lessons are undertaken by certified flying instructors therefore hours gained as part of a trial lesson do count towards the issue of a LAPL or PPL.

Had booked a flying trial lesson for 45minutes. Showed up there expecting they'd just give me controls for a few minutes and that's it but man, what an experience. I was allowed to fly the aircraft for most part after we crossed the BHX airspace limits. James flew with me and what a kind and sweet guy, patient enough to explain all the details and answer all the questions. Even the reception service was one of the most friendly receptions I've ever had - kind and answer to the point. I might or might not take up a PPL but I'll never forget the experience that I had here being an Avgeek. Would definitely recommend everyone to give it a go, forget the price - the experience is worth everything you're paying for. I did have an issue with the video recording where the audio did not get recorded properly, but not that unhappy about it. If you have a GoPro, you can carry it, they have a holder on the aircraft where you can fix it(atleast the 152 I flew had it).
17:33 26 Jul 22
Absolutely first class trial lesson with Mark in the Cessna 172. Felt really safe after 30 minute briefing and a thorough run through of instruments etc. went through all the check list, taxied to runway hold, checklist. Took over controls after Mark took off, climbed to 3,000 feet, banked, left, right, descent, ascent and even some time 'free flight' as long as advised transitions I was about to fly. Joined the pattern left base, on to final and landed the aircraft, holding the flare advised by Markl.A truly memorable, brilliant experience and made so by the superb team at Almat. Highly, highly recommended
Dennis Doyle
Dennis D.
16:36 18 May 21

*All Trial lesson and experience vouchers must be redeemed within 6 months of purchase.