A day in the life of a pilot

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The ultimate introduction to flying for one or two people. Fly a real aircraft and get an insight into the pre flight preparations and planning.


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This experience includes the following and the flight time can be logged and counted as experience towards getting a Pilots Licence.

  • Learn how to check your aircraft
  • Learn the functions of the basic flight controls
  • Create a flight plan
  • Participate in two flights
  • Fly into another airfield
  • Learn basic navigation techniques
  • Learn the landing technique in the simulator
  • We will issue all candidates with a certificate of completion and a log book to log their hours in.

The Full Itinerary

Introduction talk – we talk you through the days events

The ‘A check’ – a thorough pre flight check of the aircrafts systems. All pilots will complete this check prior to flight as per the aircrafts check list. You will learn about the aircrafts control systems and the reasons behind the check.

Classroom Session

  • Introduction and Briefing our instructor will talk you through all aspects of becoming a private pilot, including medicals, theoretical training, flight training and exams. Plus a briefing on the basic controls of the aircraft and their effects.
  • Pre-Flight Planning  –  This is a  with the instruction team. gives you an insight into how we would plan a route in its basic form and how we fly the planned route. You will review the weather, aircraft performance and plan both the outbound and return flight including diversion options.

Simulator session – Put all you have learnt into practice and attempt your first landing from 3 miles out at Coventry, under the supervision of a simulator instructor.

Now the fun part the flying…..

Outbound flight – You will be in a two or four seater aircraft with another pilot and instructor. You will take the role of the pilot, being instructed to fly the aircraft by one of our flight instructors. If you have booked for two people the other candidate will perform the role of navigator, following the chart and planned route to our destination. Don’t panic the instructor will not let you get lost, but will guide you both through the flight in your separate roles. You will be relieved to know that the instructor will also complete the take off and landing for you, although you will have control of the aircraft for the majority of the flight.

The Return Journey – If you booked for two people you have now swapped roles in the aircraft so if you were originally the pilot, you now assume the role of navigator. Navigation is a huge part of any pilots work load, so you can get to experience this without the pressure of also flying the aircraft. You will be timing each leg to see if you are working to your plan and reach the desired way points at the desired time and recording your timings. Will you successfully navigate the pilot back to Coventry or another destination unknown?

Please note that this experience is intended to give an insight into a day in the life of an instructor. The actual experience takes approximately 3 hours. Sometimes it may be necessary to run this experience in a different order to how it is presented here.

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