Aeroplane Trial Lesson

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Experience the freedom and excitement of flying in a 2 or 4 seat light aircraft. Membership is not required. Flight time can be logged and counted as experience towards getting a Pilots Licence.


For each trial flying lesson there is a pre-flight briefing. You will be introduced to the basic flying controls, main instruments and profile of the flight.

Trial Flying Lessons – What to Expect

  • You sit in the Captains seat. Consequently you get the best perspective of the instruments And your own set of controls.
  • Control the plane for the majority of the flight.
  • Learn the basics of manoeuvring the aircraft.

After landing there is a short debrief. Your Instructor can answer any questions you may have. And also show you how to complete your logbook if you want to get one. Furthermore, you can get a consultation with one of of the Almat team. We can help you decide what direction to go with your pilot training. The flight time logged can count towards getting a Private Pilots Licence.

Absolutely first class trial lesson with Mark in the Cessna 172. Felt really safe after 30 minute briefing and a thorough run through of instruments etc. went through all the check list, taxied to runway hold, checklist. Took over controls after Mark took off, climbed to 3,000 feet, banked, left, right, descent, ascent and even some time 'free flight' as long as advised transitions I was about to fly. Joined the pattern left base, on to final and landed the aircraft, holding the flare advised by Markl.A truly memorable, brilliant experience and made so by the superb team at Almat. Highly, highly recommended
Dennis Doyle
Dennis D.
16:36 18 May 21
A wonderful place with outstanding staff! The people at Almat make it such a special flying school. I completed my PPL in the summer of 2017 and with the accomodation of the staff, especially Carmen, they enabled me to go from 2 hours flight time to passing my skills test in just 3 weeks and 2 days - if that doesn't show a dedicated team of instructors I'm not sure what does! I will be forever grateful to Almat and recommend anyone to take up a trial lesson with them.
15:13 21 Aug 19

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