International Students

We have supported many international students coming to the U.K. to learn to fly. We can provide a letter indicating you are enrolled on one of our courses to support certain types of visa application subject to conditions.

Unfortunately a lot of people that approach us to train in the UK turn out to be ineligible. As a result we require all international students to register (it’s free) using the form below.

We are not considered an “Educational Institution” in the eyes of the UK Government. We have been asked if we would become an Educational Institution to support study visa applications. The answer is we are not going to do this due to the costs involved. We therefore have no legally recognised kind of stamp or seal. However, we area UK CAA Declared Training Organisation (DTO) and Approved Training Organisation (ATO) and you can find our registration numbers on the about us page, and quote them to the relevant authorities if you register successfully. Letters we issue will include this information and our letterhead. You can also see our registration on the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) website here.

Therefore our pilot licence courses are not degree programs. Completing one of our courses would not grant you eligibility for a Post Study Work Permit (PSW).

Education Background

There are no formal educational requirements to qualify to take a PPL course. It is up to students to assess their own ability to undertake instruction in English.

Minimum Age

We do not accept international students under the age of eighteen.

Funding the Training

You must be able to show you have sufficient funds for the training and accommodation for the duration before we have any discussion about joining a course. In our experience, there can be a lot of admin time to organise an international student visit. Therefore we require an up front admin fee to process applications.

We will not accept full payment in advance for the course. Payment will be by instalments paid in advance of providing any goods or services. We do not accept cash payments and so payment method must be either by card or bank transfer.


It is up to the student / agent to research, organise and pay for accommodation.

English Language Proficiency

We do not provide or organise any formal training toward an English Language certificate or other language qualification. Our requirements are the same as the current standards of the UK CAA. which can be found here – Link to CAA website.

Issue of Supporting Documents for a Visa

We will not issue any supporting documents until we have a signed contract and received the initial payment. The course is paid for in stages, we do not accept full payment for the course up front.

What happens if My Visa Application Fails?

If your visa application is not successful or there is some other reason that prevents you joining a course the initial payment will be refunded minus the non-refundable application processing fee.

For Flight Instructor / commercial Training

If you are looking to become a flight instructor or commercial pilot with a view to working in the UK we are unable to advise as to whether you would be able to do so with your current licence. You need to get the UK CAA to confirm they recognise the authority that issued your license. We do not get involved in this – please liaise with the CAA directly. Once you have written confirmation your license is valid in the UK, submit it along with the other information required using the form below.

For Training Organisations / Consultancies

We do not work with agencies, consultancies or other training organisations. We will only deal directly with potential students. If this is you can put your students in direct contact with us. But please be aware we do not offer referral fees or commission.

How to Get The Process Started

To get started complete the form below to tell us a bit about yourself and submit your supporting documents. If you are an organisation representing potential students please make submissions for each student on their behalf.