Class Rating Instructor (CRI) Course

Permits instruction for the issue, revalidation or renewal of a class or type rating for single-pilot aeroplanes (with exceptions). Register Free Below.

The Class Rating Instructor Course for aeroplanes provides the necessary training for the issue of the UK CAA Class Rating Instructor Certificate. The CRI(A) allows the holder to teach
for class or type ratings to anybody who holds or has held a licence. This can include the bi-annual renewals for the SEP rating or for other ratings such as aerobatics or towing. A CRI is not permitted to teach for night ratings or instrument ratings. Once the course has been completed successfully and the assessment of competence has been passed the candidate will be issued with a CRI(A) certificate which will allow the holder the privileges as outlined in FCL.905.CRI.

CRI(A) Privileges

The Class Rating Instructor (CRI) can provide instruction for:

  • Class and type ratings for single-pilot, single engine aircraft with the exception of single-pilot high performance complex aeroplanes.
  • A towing or aerobatic rating for the aeroplane category, provided the CRI holds the relevant rating and has demonstrated the ability to instruct for that rating to an FI
    qualified in accordance with FCL.905.FI(i).
  • Extension of LAPL(A) privileges to another class or variant of aeroplane. The privileges of a CRI are restricted to the class or type of aeroplane in which the instructor assessment of competence was taken. The privileges of the CRI shall be extended to further classes or types when the CRI has completed in the previous 12 months:
    • 15 hours flight time as PIC on aeroplanes of the applicable class or type of aeroplane
    • One training flight from the righthand seat under the supervision of another CRI or FI qualified for that class or type

CRI(A) Pre-Requisites

The entry requirements for the CRI(A) match the requirements for the issue of a CRI(A) certificate (Single Engine) in accordance with FCL.915.CRI. These are as follows:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Hold a valid medical certificate appropriate to the licence held
  • Hold at least the licence and rating on which flight instruction is to be given
  • Be entitled to act as PIC on the class of aircraft to be used during dual flight
  • 300 hours of flight time on aeroplanes (not including microlights)
  • 30 hours of PIC on the applicable class or type of aeroplane

Training for your CRI(A) certificate

The CRI training course shall include:

  • 25 hours of teaching and learning instruction
  • 10 hours of technical training, including revision of technical knowledge, the preparation of lesson plans and the development of classroom/simulator instructional skills
  • At least 3 hours of flight instruction on single-engine aeroplanes with an FI holding CRI instructional privileges in accordance with FCL.905.FI(j).

Flight Training

The flight training for the CRI(A) course comprises at least 3 hours of flight instruction in single engine aeroplanes.

Ground Training

The CRI course comprises 35 hours of ground instruction including 25 hours of teaching and learning instruction and 10 hours of technical training. The technical training includes
revision of technical knowledge, the preparation of lesson plans and the development of classroom/simulator instructional skills.

Assessment of Competence

Once training is completed the student will need to sit an assessment of competence (AoC) with an independent Flying Instructor Examiner. This comprises both a flight and ground
element. The AoC should be completed within 6 months of successful completion of the training course otherwise refresher training will be required.