Jerry Marsden – Flight Instructor

Jerry provides instruction towards LAPL, PPL, Night and the IR(R). He started flying with an RAF Flying Scholarship in 1970. On his first lesson he was sick on his instructor. On his first solo the radio caught. but he completed the course with the number of landings equaling the number of takeoffs. Hw says this about his career…..

I did some life-changing bush flying in Zambia courtesy of Mission Medicair in 1971, but then medical school and lack of time and money meant a long gap. A return in 1995 followed, then the CPL, MEIR, and FI ratings. Teaching for the PPL, Night, Multi-engine and IRR/IR is enormously rewarding. Successfully transferring the increasingly complex skills required, and seeing people grow from novice to accomplished pilot, is the great reward of flight instruction.”