Ted Needham Williams – Flight Instructor

After studying Physics at University and entering into a Teaching career Teddy changed paths into Aviation. Doing his PPL at Newquay in Cornwall 2016 to 2017, then studying and training up to CPL, MEIR, and finally Flight Instructor in 2021.

Part of our core team of instructors, Ted joined us in October 2022, providing training for PPL (A) , LAPL (A) and SEP ratings.

Having taught Maths and Physics to teenagers for some years, Ted has experience teaching a range of ability levels, and believes anyone can learn to fly as long as they are determined and committed. 

Ted’s favourite aircraft is the fictitious red Savoia S.21 flown by Porco Rosso in the Studio Ghibli film of the same name. Although his favourite real plane is the Duchess BE76, on which he did his MEP and MEIR training.

When he is not flying Ted takes part in Table Top Board Games club meetups, and enjoys adventure and action movies.