We offer medicals for aeroplane and helicopter LAPLs, PPLs and CPLs with our Aero Medical Examiner (AME) Dr. Rob Simpson.

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In order to hold a pilots licence you must hold the relevant medical certificate. This essentially proves to the authorities that you meet the minimum fitness standards to hold a licence. The class of medical certificate you need to hold depends on the type of licence you want to pursue.As a pilot you require a medical certificate to ensure you meet the minimum medical requirements set down by the authorities. Depending on the medical you have and your age, you will need to renew it every few years.

Class 2 Medicals for Private Pilots Licences (PPL)

This requires an average level of health and fitness. The initial medical takes around an hour assuming no complications. This is valid for 5 years up until the age of 40. After 40 it is valid for 2 years until the age of 50 when it is valid for one year.

Light Aircraft Pilots Licence (LAPL) Medicals

The medical standards required for the LAPL medical are more relaxed than a class 2, this makes a LAPL ideal for anyone who may have a pre-existing medical condition.

Class 1 Pilot Medicals for Commercial Pilots Licenses

A class 1 medical is for commercial pilots and is more restrictive. As this is of a higher standard than class 2 it can be used in order to satisfy the medical requirements for a PPL. Students who intend to fly commercially in the future may want to consider a class 1 medical instead of a class 2.

Further information with regards to flying medicals can be found on the Civil Aviation Authority website.       Phone: 07910126111